Enough Already! Unsubscribing Is A State Of Mind

I’ve known clients over the years be absolutely traumatised into a state of inaction by how much information they feel they must manage. It is an impossible task. The world is full of information and it grows every day, its infinite. Give up this thankless task and unsubscribe from anything you do not read on a regular basis. Delete. Delete. Delete. Then unsubscribe.

For goodness’ sake do not file anything thinking or hoping you will make time for that later. If you don’t get to it today, it’s probably not going to happen. Its a bit like videoing TV programmes which we used to do way back when. If we haven’t got the time to watch it today, we probably won’t be able to find it later. Remember the dilemma of videoing over programmes you hadn’t yet found the time to watch? I think the modern day equivalent is Sky Plussing, is that the right verb?

So after today’s creative nap I come back to my desk to a recommendation from a trusted colleague, knowing that I have unsubscribed from a particular list, and sharing this week’s exciting new webinar where my correspondent thinks it possible I might learn something of value to me. And I am tempted, I am, despite it taking me months to get off his list last time around. And don’t start me on his snail mail list – even trickier to get myself off that one.

And I realise that unsubscribing is a state of mind or a declaration that I feel I know enough and that more information won’t help, it will actually make things worse – more stressful. It may even make me feel inadequate unless I am top notch at managing my emotions.

Sometimes there’s stuff I know I need and want to learn. That’s a good reason for going to a webinar and opting into some strident internet marketer’s list to do so, despite the inevitable sales pitch. But how do we keep on falling for these incitements when we haven’t yet had time to put into practice what we learned from the last one, when we are already overwhelmed?

I have spent a few minutes every day for the last two years unsubscribing from stuff I no longer want to receive, where that’s even possible. And still it comes. It grows like Topsy. It multiplies and breeds. And I realised today with this afternoon’s temptation that, for me, surrendering to the next big thing would be to behave like a junkie craving more. Endlessly more. Always more, never enough.

Today was my opportunity to call time.

I love learning. It’s my number one favourite thing closely followed by changing my behaviour by putting into action what I learned. ┬áIf you haven’t done that yet, then don’t opt into something new. That’s my advice and I’m sticking to it.

More information isn’t better; exhausting. It’s all sorts of clutter. And it preys on our sense that in some way we are not good enough. So just for today I am rebelling and not signing up for anything new. No doubt I will change my mind in future but please don’t try and tempt me with any more information, not right now. I’m on an information diet.

Perhaps that’s what my 2013 will be all about? Running with what I already have and knowing it is more than enough. I am enough. I have enough. I know enough.

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  1. Great article, Judith, and in line with my own thinking for 2013. Less is more. Keep it simple. I’m halfway through a major office de-clutter of endless bits of information, some of which are from years ago! Doing the same online too. Getting rid of and being v. choosy what I sign up to and boy, does it feel good…

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