Enough: Three Very Helpful Thoughts About Money

I came across Lynne Twist talking about The Great Lie of Scarcity and what she calls the Three Toxic Myths:

1.   There is not enough/I am not enough (there is and I am)

2.   More is better (it’s not, necessarily)

3.   And that’s just the way it is (it doesn’t have to be, that’s our choice)

Lynne’s film is eleven minutes long and I make time to watch it any time I am feeling a bit scarce about money or in need of a shot of calming inspiration. I love her conclusion that there’s enough of everything everywhere for everyone to have enough.

I am enough, I have always had enough and I will always have enough and that’s both true and relaxing. And it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of essential truths now and again.

Lynne’s core message is one of true prosperity: sufficiency is making a difference with what you already have and being satisfied with it.

Watch the film and let me know how it helps.

Resources: Visit Lynne’s website and follow Lynne on Twitter.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    I’m so pleased! I publish a link to this video so often it must be boring to regular readers but this is why I do it. So that people like you, S, will see it “accidentally” and get breakthroughs.


  2. Sheila says:

    This was an eye-opener for me, by articulating and explaining this sense of unease I had… and I got a bit of a breakthrough aaaand….. dismantled a few of my own toxic myths!