Entrepreneur: How Do I Know I Am One?

A comment from a virtual visitor earlier in the week got me thinking. Here’s his comment “Isn’t Entrepreneur a word that is used to describe other people?  As in you couldn’t really say “I am an Entrepreneur”, even if other people labelled you as such?”  Thanks to Michael for that.

Actually I can, so I disagree with Michael. I don’t hold the word Entrepreneur in quite such reverence. Guru perhaps. Genius definitely. But Entrepreneur no.

How do I know I am one?   Because I started and ran my own firm of accountants and sold it after 20 years and the guy who acquired it still runs it for profit, indeed he’s taken it onto greater heights being a better stayer than me. Ditto the travel agency I started, strength to strength. Then The E-Myth taught me how to replicate my cleaning business and now we have 21 branches all over London and the South East.

Even then I don’t think I was sitting there, smugly, thinking to myself “Oh I’m an Entrepreneur, I am“. Until one day you realise your own patterns. You realise what you are doing. You’re having an idea (a bit like getting pregnant, bear with me) and any idiot can do that. Then bringing it to life, delivering it into the real world (giving birth), growing that idea (the school/teen years) and ultimately selling it on (the little blighter eventually leaves home for University or the Big Wide World). So I’m an incubator. An ideas person. A fire-starter. A serial Entrepreneur.

And I have no trouble whatsoever in nailing my colours to that mast. I am an Entrepreneur and like a stick of pink rock, if you cut me in half my favourite word would be rippled throughout the peppermint.   I don’t think you need to be Branson or Zuckerberg. If you have an idea and bring it into being, you are an Entrepreneur. Better still if you can either live off it or create jobs and opportunities for other people with your idea too, this makes you my kinda person. Let’s go for a virtual coffee. I’m always looking for interesting people to interview on my blog. Get in touch.

What helped me with this revelation? How did I get easy with calling myself an Entrepreneur?   I came to see that I was coming up with idea after idea and making some of them work. I knew I liked all sorts of Del Boy-like activities, this time next year, Rodney. I could align myself with the idea of being one of a nation of shopkeepers. Pals with jobs would come round to my place of business and refer to it, rather patronisingly, as “playing Post Offices”. And I like spivvy things and I admire spivvy people with the urge to do something for themselves and others.   I don’t really think we can help it if we are true to who we really are.

But the big breakthrough was doing my Wealth Dynamics Profile and discovering I am a Creator and knowing as I read the results PDF that it was me, through and through. And this has helped me so much I cannot tell you.  It gave me permission to be who I am and knowing that is both comforting and profitable.

I’ve lost my way in recent years as coaching is not within my Wealth Dyamics flow; it’s just something I love to do.   But during January when getting back to my desk after a year off, a gap year with lots of soul searching, I had a brilliant idea for a new project which is precisely in my flow. JudithMorganDotCom is my secondary Star profile. My new project is centrally a Creator project. To be a Creator is to be an Entrepreneur, no doubt. And wealth is created by Entrepreneurs in their Creator flow.

Find your flow. If you take your test here only, I will happily help you to interpret and integrate your results into your life and business for greater profit. Just get in touch and email me the PDF.   I note that the Wealth Dynamics folk have reduced the cost to only $97 and bundled all sorts of good stuff in with the test these days.

Take your Wealth Profile test Now!

If you’ve already taken your Wealth Profile test and are interested to follow up with more Wealth Dynamics work, take the new Wealth Spectrum test at only $37 and see where you are on the Millionaire Map. Let’s compare notes – I’m in the Alchemy Prism at Indigo Level: Trustee. You?

Entrepreneur: How Do I Know I Am One?

Entrepreneur: How Do I Know I Am One?

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Mahdi

    Good to hear from a fellow accountant!
    It is no surprise at all that a Mechanic would love to audit; its all process and order. Though I was never an auditor, I also loved accounting. I am a Creator, but also have a bit of Mechanic and basically I spent the first 20 years of my career in that space.

    Sitting down all day is not good for our health. I have some ideas on that for you. And, interestingly, it was only after I learned to stop exchanging time for money on an hourly rate, however good, that my wealth increased.

    I’d love to talk to you and send you some tips, ideas and resources. Would you like to book yourself in to my online diary for one of the free calls? http://JudithMorgan.setmore.com. I do them all on Skype, I hope that’s OK for you? And I have diary availability up until 8 p.m. (starting at 7) in case you are not self-employed or need to do it when no-one is listening. I’d also get your email address that way and can send you my eBook about green juicing which has helped increase my health and reduce my weight in 2013 after years of struggle. Hope to speak soon, M.


  2. Mahdi Malak says:

    Dear Judith,

    You Said “I’ve lost my way in recent years as coaching is not within my Wealth Dyamics flow; it’s just something I love to do”

    I am a CPA and I love auditing, learning new things, COACHING PEOPLE. The irony is my Health and Wealth are not doing well. I did the wealth profile test and it turns out that I am a Mechanic/Worker level. I thought that doing what you love to do would bring success on both levels financially and non financially. Can you advise on this ?

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