Entrepreneurial Firsts – What Haven’t You Done Yet?

First Time First PlaceI was reading a piece on The Minimalists, one of my faves, in which @JFM took the time to write up 31 Somewhat Brief, Somewhat Banal Personal Things You May Or May Not Know About Me. And I found myself thinking “good game, good game” as Brucie would say.

And then I thought “31, that’s an awful lot. I’ve already written one blog post today and I’m feeling wordy, but 31′s probably better saved for another day”. But I’ll catch up with you, Joshua, I will.

This put me in mind of the BBC radio programme called I’ve Never Seen Star Wars where celebs try out a handful of things they’ve never done before… like watching Star Wars movies, or drinking Starbucks coffee or getting their ears pierced.

And I wondered what the entrepreneurial equivalent of those might be for you?

  • I’ve never owned a limited company
  • I’ve never hired a book-keeper/accountant/auditor
  • I’ve not yet employed my first member of staff
  • I haven’t registered for VAT
  • I haven’t yet written or published a book
  • I’ve not experimented with running a real business with premises, stock, staff and co-directors – the whole nine yards.
  • I’ve never been breakfast networking
  • I’m not on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook and I have no idea how or why to use any of them
  • I’ve never exported
  • I’ve never done any public speaking
  • I’ve never partnered up with anyone or done a joint venture (JV)
  • I’ve never used Google Adwords, Google Adsense or Google Analytics
  • I’ve never blogged
  • I’ve never had to put a business into liquidation.

What else? Can you think of any more entrepreneurial firsts to add to the list?

Which one of these are you hovering on the brink of doing for the first time in your own business?

Do share your first time experience in the comments below, if you feel so motivated, it will help others follow in your footsteps.

What you are about to do for the very first time?

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