Entrepreneurs: A Business Worth Getting Up Early For?

Do you have a business or a business idea worth getting up early for?

Today I began a new regime of rising at 6 a.m. to begin to take chunks out of a project I am passionate about.   In winter I like to lie abed until 8 a.m. and begin work at 9 but I realised that if I am serious about my goals and intentions for 2010, I would need to carve out some extra time to get ahead.

Although I work very long hours and am terrifyingly self-disciplined, certain projects very close to my own heart are not being moved forward in the way I would like due mainly to shortage of time and priority and so I have decided to take a dose of my own medicine.

When I listen to clients talk to me about there being no time left after their other commitments to day jobs, families, exchanging time for money activities etc. in which to move their own projects further along the road to success, I often recommend they get up earlier by an hour or two a day and put their priority where their mouth is and Do It First.   That way you can be sure it gets done and that it gets your best energy.

Early time is my best time, but it may not be yours.   So I am not wedded to this getting done first if you are a Night Owl. I am quite happy for you to put your best efforts into your primary project in your best time of the day, whether that’s before the house wakes up or after they go to sleep, or after the o 9’clock news, whenever.   Just as long as it gets done every day, or most days, and you prioritise it.

Here are the advantages which I perceive coming from this activity.   You put yourself first for a change.   Read that sentence again and get the double entendre in the second half of the sentence.   If you want to get different, better results you usually have to do something different or differently and in this example that means putting yourself first, prioritising your own needs.

What’s my 6 a.m. project?   Writing.   This may be the year of my book.   Its definitely the year of more writing, more blogging, more articles, more Tweeting on purposes and the creation of a daily writing habit which I intend will turn me from a businesswoman/coach who writes a bit into a writer/entrepreneur who coaches a bit.   It’s always been on my agenda, just not high up enough.

So, first off, I have set up accountability.   I am not getting up at 6 a.m. all by myself, I am doing it with top chum, colleague, coach and online business expert Marion Ryan.   Mutual accountability should do it and if perchance it doesn’t, the deadline will.   The deadline is the friend, often in disguise, of all writers, without whom not much copy would ever be delivered.  

The deadline is also the friend of the perfectionist.   Marion and I have decided to put aside not publishing anything which isnt perfect, for just getting something published, for now at least.   Because what’s important if you want to call yourself a writer, is writing.   Just press Save and Publish and be damned.

So, entrepreneurs.   Here’s my question of the day for you.   Is your business, your current business, worth getting up early for (Night Owls read staying up late for)?   If not, what are you going to do about it?

I really feel that if you are an entrepreneur, self-employed or in business for yourself, not much gets done unless you are passionate about it and so if you are trying to build a business which you now realise you wouldn’t get up early for, you are probably looking at the wrong business, or the wrong business model, or not getting enough help or inspiration.

And that’s where I come in.

Your Biz Your Way

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