Entrepreneurs: Do You LOVE What You Do?

The title of my first e-book is Creating A Business to Love*.   Do you love the business you are creating?   All of it?

Which bits do you love and why?   Which bits do you hate and why?   And how can you move to doing more of the former and less of the latter?

Depending on where you are at in your business you probably be sayng “yeah, right, like THAT’s a possibility” but I’m here to tell you its possible, its desirable and it can be done, perhaps even faster and easier than you imagined.

And there’s one other really important thing and (woo woo alert) its this: if you do more of what you love, you will become happier and more successful in your business.   Its a Law of Attraction in action thing.   You start to manifest effortless success.   You go with the flow and more things things will start to come more easily to you.

Now you may already know, depending on how long you have been at the self-employment lark, that entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster and many of us adrenaline junkies wouldn’t have it any other way, its one of the reasons we started to work for ourselves.   So I’m not saying that you will always be straight down the fairway without any shots into the rough, but the rough will start to feel more like a fairway more often.

So, let’s get back to the love bit.   What do I love, for instance?   I love reading, writing, talking, listening, interviewing folks on my radio show, working with my entrepreneur clients and helping them to make more money and getting out of the house now and again to meet up with entrepreneurs.   I love people who work for themselves, who get up every morning and make their own opportunities.   I think they are brave.   And mad but in a good way.

I find working with clients energises me above all things.   Its quite a difficult thing to explain in writing but some sort of magic happens down the line… connection?   What they put out comes into me and returns to them, then to me, to them, to me, to them.   I’m sure you get the picture.   During an hour’s call the energy levels rise, leaving us both inspired by each other.

And I find this inspiration drives me on, often to do some of the bits I dont love and which I havent yet chosen to outsource.   Fuelled with energy I become a giant killer who can attack chores like the filing, my expenses and, a bit like when I have lentils for lunch, another fabulous energy source, I can go powering on until I’ve done everything I set out to achieve today.

So, do you love what you do?   What’s your story?

If you are not loving it yet, can you see a time when you will?   What one thing could you take up or drop today which would take you one notch towards loving it more?   Can you visualise the day when you will love everything you do?

If you think I’m bonkers and it can’t be done, will you leave a comment below and challenge me to find a way to help you love your business more?

Let me leave you with another little energy tip if you need to cheat, in case your business day isnt yet filled with lovable clients and lovable tasks:

When you get stuck in some task you are doing, go and do something you love for five minutes – pop outside (those of you who love that, not for me), stroke the cat or dog, go to YouTube, search for your favourite song and sing along, go for a brisk 5 minute walk up the road and back to the postbox, or a drive and catch a snippet of inspirational radio.

And remember, today you could just choose to love everyone and everything.

Yup, I know, BONKERS.   But humour me and give it a go and let me know how you get on?


*Did you know, if you join my Inner Circle in February at any of the three levels, including FREE, you get a copy of my ebook Creating A Business to Love?

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  1. Yes I am also in the same trade and definitely think that I made the right choice by carving out quite a nice business now 🙂

  2. Well I have been a plumber since leaving school, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of my job, so much so that I went self employed a few years back and have never looked back 😉

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