Entrepreneurs: Every Day is Blissful and Unique

Another wonderful, unique day in the life of an Everyday Entrepreneur. The weather conditions today were blissful for working in the Abundance Shed – sunny and yet breezy. I found myself reflecting often throughout the day and even exclaiming out loud or really seriously delving into the concept and feelings of how lucky I am to work at home, al fresco.

Today was a day of two halves.   It began and ended with coaching – Antonietta, Ntathu, Andre & Mary Ann, one of whom was a no-show so I kept on working anyway.

The other half of the day – Wednesday – was property options day with Ben.   Today we worked on helping two ladies in Leeds make a deal.   Gave Ben three books to take away as part of Project De-Bag (he got the Millennium Trilogy, lucky man, can’t tell you how much I envy him being at the beginning of THAT journey!).   Ben was also very excited that the Pakistani cricket team had got the Aussies out for 88 – did I remember that right?

And a client took away a goodly bunch on her bicycle.   Am really loving seeing these precious books go to good homes.   But I found two I had to keep in her choice – one I borrowed from someone else and must return or get permission to pass on, and the other on running great workshops because I have to do that in November at Alternatives!

Three Things I am grateful for tonight:

  1. That all my books are going to good homes, those of book-lovers who will derive pleasure from reading them
  2. That I work in The Abundance Shed at the bottom of my garden with the fairies
  3. That the good ladies of TheCreationExperiment are going to perform a Blessingway in the aforementioned shed on Friday as part of our summer party in my garden in Streatham Hill on the ley lines

Three things I intend to manifest:

  1. A clutter-free life
  2. A meadowy garden
  3. Peace

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Natalie

    Thanks for your request to see a photo of my lovely Abundance Shed.
    Here it is in the snow much earlier in the year.


  2. Yes, I do love making my everydays blissful and unique! And I envy your ability to work “al fresco!”

    I’d love to see a pic of your Abundance Shed.

  3. Tom Evans says:

    This manifesting malarky is easy when you know how.

    Print this out, leave it on your desk or bed side table & Peace is on it’s way