Entrepreneurs Must Embrace Lady Luck: Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson keeps providing thoughtful material which I share here in case you didn’t read him in the Financial Times:

One of the reasons business is so fascinating is that success is unpredictable. So many apparent negatives can be turned into positives. There are winners who have overcome dyslexia, a stammer, a lack of academic qualifications, or being fired.

A common complaint from would-be entrepreneurs is the lack of finance to start a business. But an inability to raise funding can eventually become a bonus. Founders who keep their shares do not suffer early equity dilution. If the business works, they still have control – and are much wealthier.

Serendipity is also at the heart of the entrepreneurial journey. Not all accomplishments are down to luck, but you cannot always anticipate the big breaks that made a difference. None of my best partnerships or investments has come from an organised strategy. As a result I never discount accidental meetings or observations. And I remain convinced the world is full of limitless possibilities, despite the obvious challenges.

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