Every Day of the Week Has a Different Feeling

Days of the WeekIt’s Saturday morning. I had planned to lie in but life frequently doesn’t work out the way you plan, do you find? So here I am blogging before I speak to my clients at 11 a.m. and 12 noon.

I often choose to work on Saturday mornings, despite it being the weekend, because I like the relaxed feeling of a Saturday and it is my choice. Saturdays are spacious. There’s plenty of time to lurk about drinking coffee and reading the papers. Saturday papers also have a distinct feeling about them, a feeling of leisure. Saturdays are leisure and choice and expansiveness.

I take Fridays off, perhaps because Friday is my favourite day of all. I wonder what energy we would attribute to Fridays. Possibility?

Sundays have a very distinct feeling and often not a nice one, frankly. Surely that’s a hangover back to school days? And back to the time where, as kids, we had no choice – about school the next day and about church, perhaps, on Sunday itself or duty. I know many people don’t like Sundays, there’s a feeling of regret about them. Sundays are set in stone early on to never be our own. That might feel tight and restrictive to a rebellious entrepreneur.

Monday is Monday, so early in the week you might as well crack on so Mondays are purposeful. Tuesday was always my least favourite at school, so much so that I could wake up from a deep sleep lasting years and still know it was a Tuesday simply by the feel of it. Wednesday and Thursday are pretty indistinguishable to me but still you know, the energy of the week is rolling on, gaining momentum. And then look! My reward? Friday. Delicious Friday of possibility.

It is very odd, this feeling that each day has, especially as it’s been decades now since I have been able to decide to do precisely what I want on each and every day of the week. So I think I could change my mind about what each day means to me, but so much of the rest of the world is into the ingrained habit of what the week days mean, as distinct from the weekends, that might be tricky. Might be worthwhile though and it might be fun to give it a go.

I do remember when I had a job that the weekends were all too short and I pioneered this idea (in my mind) that the working week should be two days and the weekend five. Perhaps that’s when my entrepreneurship was born! Now, that’s 100% within my power for myself, and a worthy intention for 2014.

Which is your favourite day of the week and why? And are you thinking about designing your own working week differently from the crowd? Do tell.

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  1. Frank Jurga says:

    Well I seem to have converted my life into getting a near full-time income from very part-time hours so I just do whatever I want to when I want to. I can drop everything I’m doing if I get a call to go and do something more interesting or if it is to meet a new client. I now have only two strict annual client deadlines 31 July and 31 January. It is Sunday morning 7am and I’ll have finished some bookkeeping by 8.30. All in all, many of my days are indistinguishable with most days a mix of work and play. We were born with two eyes – my left eye looks at my year planner where I have all of clients listed on one sheet of paper and I get motivation from ticking off jobs done (and fees collected) – my right eye looks longingly at my vision board so as I’m working I’m subconsciously planning my next project.