Everyone’s A Winner

FCashflow Game 1st Nov 2013riday’s Cashflow game has stayed with me over the weekend, and following on from yesterday’s post where I wrote up the winning strategies I saw each player demonstrate, here are my own.

  • Start by picking an engaging dream/goal which really matters to you and compels you into taking action
  • Know where you are now and where you are going and what you want
  • Keep an eye on what’s due to you and always remember to ask for it
  • Believe your own intent can influence “luck” and then prove yourself right by throwing/manifesting what you need
  • Remember that even when you don’t appear to get what you want, The Big U’s got your back
  • Go with the opportunities that present, but know when to wait
  • Keep the money moving, don’t always wait for the top
  • Start your own part-time business each time you draw that card, especially if that mirrors real life
  • Always bag the automated businesses in Big Deals
  • The Rat Race is fun but the Fast Track is funner
  • Just because you can’t take advantage of an opportunity, or you’re not interested in it, doesn’t mean it has no value. Who else might want it and pay you for the privilege of you simply having drawn it?
  • Collaboration = acceleration
  • Tithing is a miracle
  • Expect to win big on the throw of a dice
  • Landing on your dream is my best way to “win”
  • Everyone’s a winner

Have you played Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 game? What are your winning strategies?

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