Exploring the Law of Attraction: Podcast Ep 172

Nicola surprised me today by bringing the Law of Attraction to the show as something we could discuss in Focus of the Week.

She readily acknowledges that I am the more woo-woo of the two of us but she also knows the two men behind the Love the Law of Attraction Facebook Page which has more than six and a half million fans and followers – wow!

She mentions the book called Zero Limits by Joe Vitale which I had already written a blog post about years ago and scheduled to share again in 48 hours’ time, not least because it mentions Ho’oponopono. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

How to practice Ho’oponopono in 4 Simple Steps.

Nicola thinks and talks about mindset a lot in her work with her clients and for herself, and she uses the expression that she tries very hard to “catch her thoughts”. I wonder if it is all about mindset because I often think that, for me, it is more about what I sense and feel than what I think. Although I do live a lot in my head, I also pay attention to other inner guidance systems – heart and gut wisdom.

This topic proves to be a surprisingly rich seam for conversation so we decided to call the show Part 1 with a view to returning to it at least once more. Now that we are both more open to exploring it, the topic really opens up.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE 172 of OWN IT! The Podcast: The Law of Attraction (Part 1)

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In other news, our words of the week are Adventure (mine) and Power (hers) and we explain why.

It’s nice and warm in Stoupa and Nicola’s been experimenting with makeup to the surprise of the ladies at Write Club, and putting on a dinner party. I told her about my two sleepless nights, one for the Oscars and one for my genius new idea, the Fabulous Adventure which also means that Book #2 is more than likely going to be about Livin’ la Vida Lo-Carb.

There’s not much to report in Project Updates this week as my focus has been on my new thing, not my two slightly older ones (the book and Blogfest).  Nicola makes some comments about it being weird how focus makes the thing we are working on great, and the other things not so great and I remind her this isn’t weird at all, it’s One Woman One Website a.k.a. One Woman One Thing.

Who or what’s inspired or impressed us? Nicola = Steve Bartlett of Social Chain who is going to up sticks and live in New York for the sake of his business. And me = Christi Daniels who did this interview with me three years ago and is participating in Blogfest. What impressed me was that she offered the interview to someone who was pointing up a problem in a Facebook post when one of C’s own solutions would have worked just as well. I thought that was abundant. I especially enjoyed her saying “Hearing [Judith’s] voice, either audibly or in writing, always makes me feel wiser and points me back to my own inner wisdom and I trust that’s what you’ll find for yourself as well.” Genius! And just what my book (and my work) is all about, learning to trust yourself.

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