Extreme Self-Care

The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl RichardsonI am grateful to my client R for asking:

A seemingly regular feature of my weekly check-in (and those of several others) has been the inclusion of “extreme self care”. I realised I needed to be more specific – what does it mean to me. I’m interested to know what you have on your list for self-care.

Turns out that self-care means something different to everyone but here’s what came from Club 100 in response to R’s question.

Meditation, movement, walks in nature, yoga/pilates, smoothies, massage, time out in a cafe, a bath with soothing music, a comfy sofa and a good book, petting animals.

Exercise, dog-walking, strength training, eating well (mostly whole foods), spending time with friends and family, switching off from work at evenings and weekends, good sleep.

Lots and lots of peace and quiet. Saying no. Sleep, green juice daily, doing the things I love, laughter, manicures and pedicures, sunshine, the sea. Planning enough downtime, a short day before or after a long one, Monday and/or Friday off if I am working weekends. Books, cinema and the things which lift my soul which includes writing for me or art/music for others, expressing ourselves creatively.

Enough help at home, a cleaner, a gardener, getting the groceries delivered. Looking after me, domestic pottering, stirring something home made, clean sheets.

Alone time.

Delegation, kittens, walking.

Doing what makes you feel good. Identifying and eliminating “problems” or meditating so that we can see we have no problems really, except our thoughts about such things. Moving in a a good direction. Simplifying life. Stopping worry. Giving yourself what you need.

And this:

Dearest Judith, 

Every once in awhile you have to go back to basics. Pare things down to their simplest forms. Take a break. Let go of every single unnecessary thing. Cleanse your mind, spirit, soul, body, and closet. Get quiet and completely recharge. 
Need some alone time? Now’s the time to take it. Need a personal sojourn? Book it now. Give yourself what you need. Simplify, simplify, simplify. 

With loving silence, 

Your Inner Pilot Light

What’s on your extreme self-care list? What counts? What do you make important? How do you look after yourself?

PS Cheryl Richardson wrote the book on this topic: The Art of Extreme Self-Care. That is, I believe, where the expression originates.

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