Facebook Groups: A List by Another Name

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crowd-at-concert-photodune-4429669In episode 65 we talk about Facebook Groups and the (free) opportunity they present for you to market yourself and/or your business and services through interaction with an engaged group of members. We discuss the various different sorts of Facebook Groups (public, closed or secret) and lots of fun ways to ramp up the experience in both free and paid (Pro) groups. We talk about descriptions, rules, threads, befriending all the members personally so that you can PM them and how to get the message across from the get-go that this is a conduit to your paid offerings. Unlike say your newsletter or your blog, this is a way to interact with potential paying clients and we touch on the VATmoss advantages too.

This week I describe Judith’s Weird Tuesday 2016 and Nicola has a client upset too, which leads into a discussion about how to handle mis-communications and take responsibility for confused and disappointed clients and contacts and how to allow for people behaving oddly, ourselves included. From time to time that’s just what people do!

Conversation then moves to being an expert on someone else’s teleseminar and the importance of preparation in order to be both professional and polished. Nicola shares another of her favourite books, she’s a voracious reader, this week the book is about happiness. Our words of the week are transcreation and expansion and our project updates are about getting leads for 70p via Facebook Ads, Nicola’s expertise, and “thinning and binning”.

When we come to who or what’s impressed us this week I talk about Jo of Do This or Die and her Spanish adventure and Nicola talks about Snapchat and Blab, more preparation for her US trip.

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