Facebook is My Garden

Facebook is my garden. I make it nice for you. And for me. I want it to be inviting, a place of peace and inspirations of all sorts, somewhere we can enjoy together.

It isn’t just for me and you, my Gentle Reader, although you have accepted an invitation to come in and hang out. It is also for the delight of the passer-by who will enjoy my garden every time their life brings them round this way as they lean on the garden wall and breathe and drink deeply of nature, pausing for thought and reflection. They might also mention it to a friend who will detour to take a look at my Facebook garden and enjoy it too. I hope they will invite themselves in for a cuppa. Or perhaps just wave to me as I rest on my spade and mop my brow, smiling back at them, happy and proud of my creation.

Michael Neill taught me to seek to improve any environment with which I come into contact. And so it is.

It isn’t just for show. I create a lovely garden because that’s what I do. It is a means of self-expression. It is hedonism in action, it is green and pleasant and pink and pretty.

I am the Head Gardener but I also have an abundance of help from the other creative gardeners on Facebook and I share and pass on their seeds and they mine.

Heaven help the man who comes into this haven and diminishes it. He gets the bum’s rush pretty quickly before he harms it not just for the rest of us but especially for me, the woman who has worked to bring this lovely space into the world.

It has been a joy to create my garden and long may that continue because I enjoy it more than not.

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