Facebook, Patreon and YouTube: Podcast Ep 170

In today’s radio show Nicola and I talk about how much it is appropriate to rely on third-party platforms like Facebook, Patreon and YouTube. There are so many pros and cons to consider, so many benefits and yet so many possible risks too. This is a topic which in one way or another we return to again and again, and with good reason.

Nicola’s in trouble this week with YouTube (incurring their wrath in what they call a strikeout) and I am considering getting into bed with Patreon despite three and four provisos about how that puts me at potential risk if they change their policies at any time in the future after they have become pivotal to my business. I’m re-visiting the whole Patreon thing, having encouraged at least three clients to look elsewhere for various reasons, but now I’m re-thinking that advice, and that’s caused me to fess up to one already (Sam) who helped me to find that fourth proviso and another alternative which might suit me and others better.

YouTube is important to Nicola’s business and Facebook is vital to all of our businesses and this week they invited us to review our group settings which Nicola says is to free up space for more sponsored content (ads). We don’t want to frighten anyone but we do want to draw their attention to what I call “the writing on the wall” which is visible in plain sight if we choose to see it.

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In other news, our words of the week are Compliant (mine) and Lessons (hers).

It’s been raining in Greece which often takes out Nicola’s internet (!) and I’ve been jiggling about with my timetable this week in my endless and pointless quest to “get ahead”. I’ve read two short books, one about financial abundance, and the other about Patreon.

I’ve been thinking about my clients in both my coaching groups and noticed something interesting about those in Club 100, their businesses and their websites are 70% eponymous and they are the intermediate group. Whereas my beginners are all starting businesses which do not necessarily rely on their name, or even themselves in the majority of incidences which means ultimately they could, if they wanted, sell their businesses and that’s precisely the opposite way round to what I might expect! Fascinating, but perhaps only to me, and there are other reasons for it too. The Starrier types in Club 100 choose to invest more in themselves and in their solopreneurship in more 1-2-1 time with me. Perhaps. Still, I am wondering if it is a niche or, at least, a sub-niche. I love noticing, me.

As ever, we’ve both been re-purposing content and I am thinking very much at the moment about the ways to make the most of that and what it means for the future of my business income. In project updates, I’ve sold 93 out of my first 100 target of my book Your Biz Your Way and podcast download numbers are holding steady at about 400 per show which is excellent if you think about it. 400 people around the world are listening to each show we created, and today we are up to number 170 of those. Quite a commitment and feat.

When it comes to who or what has impressed us this week and, for me, it is Frances McDormand and her fabulous winning acting in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Loved it. Loved her. Love her. Especially her difficulty with compliance, her batty hair, no makeup, pink frock at the BAFTAs. Yep, me too with the non-compliance thing.

Nicola’s studying day trading and mentions The Chart Guys.

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