Falling Off (and Getting Back On)

Falling OffLast year in 2014 I blogged daily for the whole year. 365 blog posts. I impressed even myself. This year I’ve mostly been falling off. Don’t we all? We all get good at something, achieve the results we want and stop doing it. What are we like?


In anticipation of Sam’s Blog Week which is free to join and runs between 7th and 11th December 2015, I am starting to blog again today. December is a holiday month for me with fewer 1-2-1 clients and therefore more personal time so I thought I’d start blogging again, perhaps as often as every day. No promises. Yet. When on “holiday”, it is good to have one thing to pin your day on, one tiny achievement often enhances the feel-good factor.


Other things I’ve been falling off and am intent upon getting back on include juicing. I’m waiting for a delivery of 6 days’ worth of frozen juices from the JuiceMaster Delivered as I write this and cannot wait to get the natural highs that only juice can deliver. In 2013 (or was it earlier, time flies) I achieved wonderful results for my health with juicing and am keen to get back on. No time like the present. It was Christmas which caused me to fall off, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if I got back on at Xmas too? What a wonderful gift to myself! [Oh, and I promised a client so that she would to. I often do that. Solidarity.]


And Happy Money is a book and experiment I’ve undertaken together with my clients many times. It always works until we stop doing it. Duh. On a recent re-read of the book I am reminded that this isn’t a temporary experiment in abundance, it’s a lifelong habit and this time around, for me, this is Week Three. I’m back on the Happy Money bus and having a lovely time. I’ve hidden my fivers with love notes attached in Tesco for the last couple of weeks and shall be going further afield with this week’s fun and largesse as I step out on Friday to go and visit my beautician.

  • What have you fallen off?
  • How much do you want to get back on?
  • What’s it going to take for you to do that?

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