The Epitome of a Fast Start

Nicola & JudithOn Saturday, three days ago, I was contacted by my former business partner in The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, and asked if I would like to be the Dawn French to her Jennifer Saunders in a 2-woman podcast in the area of our mutual interests, small business, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Nicola is the very epitome of a fast start type. I thought I’d share the timeline of her initiative so you could see what this looks like, two Creators starting something in a matter of hours.


11.42 Nicola initiates contact via Skype. I am on a call with a client so call her back a few minutes later.

11.47 I call her back. We speak for 7 minutes. She lays out her proposition and I accept. She says she will email me.

12.21 She emails me as promised. Gives me some listening to do and asks me to come up with a name and a strapline.

13.15 I email her back with both.

17.25 She emails me to say she has snapped up the URL of one of my suggestions and would I like to approve the website, the opt-in and the visuals. And, by the way, she’s also created the Facebook Page!

20.04 She emails to say she’s seen one of my other choices for a name which she likes better. So do I. So she switches it all over on Sunday.


12.00 We speak for 47 minutes and thrash out how the podcast will look, feel and sound, who our target audience will be, what our content will consist of and various other matters.

14.55 She’s implemented all we’ve discussed and given me more homework to do.

17.33 She’s done some artwork for my approval, for iTunes.

19.15 She emails her list and invites them to opt in to hear about when we launch, invite questions and participants.

Monday (yesterday) 

12.25 She’s emailed me with a genius idea for the intros and outros and  has identified someone she wants to create those for us, given me more homework (!) and come up with a suggestion for the music she wants to go with the podcast.

Here’s the thing. It’s not perfect. But it’s good enough. And it’s off to a fast start which excites and engages Nicola and means we are likely to be in business with our podcast pronto and can improve it as we go. It will give her a chance to put into practice some podcast learning she’s acquired during creating her own and, she assures me, even if we get bored with it, we can abandon it and it will still refer to our respective websites. It’s the Microsoft model, improve as you go. Get it launched and out there – fast.

It has cost her time, but she loves this sort of thing anyway, plus $10 in a domain name or two. There will be some artwork costs on Fiverr and she’s calling in a favour or two for the rest. Fast and affordable.

What’s she like?!?!

Judge for yourself. Read all about our new podcast which is called Own It! by clicking here: J & N’s Podcast

Do please also Like our Facebook Page as at the moment, it only has two likes – us! Thanks.

Les Girls are back in business. Don’t say you weren’t given due warning.

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