February SNIPPETS: A Round-Up Of All February’s Activity in One Place

Here’s a summary of all that went on in and around my community during February. SNIPPETS is a monthly round-up I send to members who have Joined Now at JudithMorgan.com. I forgot to publish it as a blog post last month and today that seems like a good idea. 

I like February, because it’s short and sweet and because I start to get a real feeling that we are marching inexorably towards the light as winter ends. This gorgeous mild weather hasn’t hurt me either, quite the reverse, as it fills me with optimism.

I do hope all’s well with you and yours and that you will write and let me know what’s going on in your life and business and how I can help?   You can Get in Touch or Ask Judith via those two links over there in the right-hand sidebar.   Do please come on down and just ask;  you do me a favour as I live to serve. Last month when I asked you to do that you responded very warmly indeed and I was able to help, advise, support and connect with Allison, Sue, Emma, Gill, Claire, Susie, Mary Ann, Claire and Riana, Top Birds all.

February on the blog was mammoth, not least because Marion Ryan and I were piloting a scheme called Better Blogging where we walked a delicious dozen would-be bloggers through the few steps to more content, better content, increased tech-ability at the back end of their blogs, effective and authentic commenting, creating a noise on the web, increasing traffic and prolific, speedy, capable and increasingly professional blogging. They’ve excelled. Today is their passing out parade and Marion and I have one more challenge up our sleeves for them. We are just aligning their tech capability for that and then the challenge will be set. I will share more of that as the results reveal themselves, either on this blog or in next month’s SNIPPETS.

This meant that I had to pull out all the stops on my own blogging and I managed more than thirty posts, 22,500 words, 100+ comments, 2075 visitors to my site (over three times my previous personal best) and taking my blog subscribers and Twitter followers up from 81 and 1765 to 94 and 1833 respectively. Results! That’s what we like. And remember anything you put your attention to (and measure) is bound to increase. The three most popular posts were:

  1. I Will Not Rebel Or Stand Up Against Any Authority by Anon (a photo blog)
  2. The Queen, Oklahoma, The One Show and Me
  3. The Gift of Listening

You can subscribe to my blog at the bottom of every post and in the right-hand margin, or by RSS feed. I’d love you to do that.

On the Money-Making Magic Google Group this month topics of interest included property matters, as ever, and the debate about orthodox versus innovative debt solutions continues, dividing us into two camps in a good and creative way. Yvonne launched her Champagne Day App, Dianne’s selling a house in Sussex, there was talk of tax, a new Estate Agency called Express, the pros and cons of short-term rentals during the Olympics, plus a spirited debate about how other people spend their money where we all tried and failed to be non-judgemental. Membership numbers swelled to 61 and despite a larger membership we enjoyed a relatively quiet month. January’s posts numbered 452 but in February our focus was clearly engaged elsewhere as we swapped only 124 messages, prompting one member to write in a wonder where we’d all gone!   It must be the calming influence of the new members, a couple of whom are overseas.

You can join the Money-Making Magic group at any time for only £97, a one-off joining fee.   I am an active member and this is effectively group coaching, shared expertise and a community around your entrepreneurial journey to wealth creation.  A highlight during February was one client selling thirteen copies of her book one day before lunchtime. That was very exciting in all sorts of different ways. I will ask her to tell that story in her own words and share it with you another day.

Another high point was that Marion Ryan and I launched Entrepreneur Soul. This is an online newspaper for self-employed people, written by small business bloggers and entrepreneurs just like you, and this is where we intend to share the stories and the good news about self-employment. I do hope you will take a look round, join the site, grab a free badge for your email signature or blog/ website and spread the word? If you have a guest post in you sharing ideas, information, inspiration, opinion or stories, please upload it and pass the word on to any bloggers and writers you know. We’d love to get up to 50 guest posts a.s.a.p.   I am inviting bloggers I know via Twitter but if you or people you know would like to be a guest writer, you can do it here. Don’t wait for the invitation and do be in early while you will still be very highly visible.

That’s all for February. Well, there’s loads more, but this digest is for you busy types. I hope there’s something you have found useful and enjoyable and do let me know what you want to hear more of during the coming weeks and until next time…

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Janet Swift says:

    Phew, all that and you still found time to breathe, amazing! I’m really looking forward to reading about the very inspirational journeys your readers have travelled, bringing them to the delightfully opportunity-laden here and now – after all, 2012’s the year for very big happenings, isn’t it?

    Here’s to light evenings, success and contentment!

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