Feedback for SBBM: Angela, Linda and Michi

feedback-1213042_640“I’m so grateful and appreciative of you and your support as part of this group. You’ve helped me get into a position that I never expected to be in.

Your level of focus, commitment and passion is remarkable.

You have a natural warmth without being fluffy (SO my kind of woman!) and you are so easy to trust and take advice from.

I tend to be a ‘I know best!’ type person with a lot of my friends and co-workers so it always surprises me how naturally I take on-board things you say. I always feel supported with you at the end of the phone/internet and that is a wonderful and important thing!” Angela Brightwell, Funny


“I’ve been an active member of the Small Business Big Magic group for only a matter of weeks, and already I am enjoying the benefits of being able to talk regularly to Judith about my business. 

I sometimes don’t quite know what we’ll cover when I tune in, and then the conversation just rolls. Things at the back of my mind pop to the front, and we wind up with Judith’s brilliant summaries, firm assurances and gentle nudges, like little gems I carry around with me till the next time we talk. And one of these ‘nudges’ has just resulted in me being invited as part of a publishers’ delegation to the 2016 Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico. Feeling thankful and unstoppable. It’s an amazing combination.”  Linda Cassells,


“I have a file saved which I’ve called What Judith Said. And that document contains her reply to a question I once sent about blogs and newsletters, wondering how I could produce anything of any interest to people. Here’s the first line of what she wrote back to me:

“I am beside myself with excitement with possibilities for you.”

How wonderful was that! Not only could she see loads of things that hadn’t occured to me, but in that one brief line I got how she genuinely cares so much about her clients’ success.

Full of good advice, yes, but what Judith really excels at is somehow, magically, getting us to realise for ourselves what we actually want to do and can do. And we all get the joy of hearing fellow SBBMers becoming inspired and excited as revelations happen during our group calls.” Michi Mathias,

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