Feedback: Podcast Ep 151

How do feel about feedback, love it or hate it? I’m not a fan. I know that’s poor of me. I know that feedback is the breakfast of champions, I’m just not very robust about it. If you say to me “can I offer you some feedback?”, unless you are a client the answer is likely to be Non Merci!

Today’s client challenge of the week is all about feedback. Nicola’s received some unsolicited feedback from a trusted source and it made her a bit tetchy. She confessed she sees it as an opportunity to manage her own emotions, but we are both in two minds about the value of it. It is opinion, it is subjective but Nicola is more robust than me and she’s happy to have been on the receiving end though interestingly she has no plans to change anything as a result of it. Yet.

This gives us a chance to discuss perfectionism -v- professionalism, criticism and how that’s so often our most highly developed faculty. It isn’t until we have a go at something – anything – that we realise how difficult it is. And Nicola’s view is that it is better to get it out there than get it perfect. It also gave us a chance to reflect on something which Chris Barrow, a sometime mentor and ongoing inspiration to both of us, calls “hanging your arse out in public”. To what extent are we prepared to do that, if at all. Where does Nicola draw the line, and where do I? No surprises to hear that those lines are both in completely different places.


And look! There’s a new way to hear our shows. All 151 of them are available on YouTube here (audio only). Start at the beginning, listen, listen again, catch up, do it randomly but whatever you do, have fun. Our aim is to educate, amuse and entertain.

In other news this week, my back pain continues which means I have to do a lot of my client work lying down, whilst trying to keep my energy up and not giving the game away in case they think I’m slacking! I am also training my stamina so that I can stand up more to do my work, which works with some tasks but by no means all.

Nicola’s had a very social week with a couple of late nights out and corresponding slow starts the next day after last week’s Zorba the Greek 3-village dance-off, and Pat & Mike’s wedding where Katrina had converted the venue into a sparkly fairy grotto which much impressed Nicola.  Our respective fires have been fuelled by Sarah uploading all our historic podcasts to YouTube, see above, and by new clients finding their ways to us via the podcast.

Our words of the week, consequently, are Audio (her) and Pain (me). You already know why.

Nicola’s writing her sci-fi epic for Write Club using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson, and I tell Nicola I received an email from a Californian publisher asking about my book which I am taking as an omen as I am still undecided about publishing -v- self-publishing. The designer has sent me the first six covers for review, I am nearly finished with my final edits and proofreading and confused why the back pain should present itself now and slow me down in completing this project. I decide that the only thing I can do is trust in the incomprehensible perfection of life itself, my new thing. Client Charlotte helped me to realise that my book is a combination of love, humour and harangue which both N and I agree is just perfect.

After Katrina and Sarah, Nicola is impressed by the dynamic duo that is her other sister Heather and N’s daughter Phoebe who have been collaborating on a video in connection with the imminent launch of an album by a musician, formerly of Jethro Tull which involves me attempting to sing to Nicola my fave Jethro Tull tune, Living in the Past, which she is gracious enough to pretend she recognises. When I look it up afterwards on YouTube, it is far better than even I recall. Here – enjoy Living in the Past by Jethro Tull from (I kid you not) 1969. Nineteen Sixty-Nine! Those were the days when I used to watch Top of the Pops avidly every week and my Dad used to say fogey things like “what exactly is that one on the end contributing?” ROFL.

And I am impressed by both Vannessa Vinos of (AGAIN!) as she’s been very helpful to me in finding precisely the spot-on match of AB crystal bead to go with my ring so that I can make my own long necklace to go with. I know, right? And Marzi who is doing the makeup for my photo shoot on 7th October and has taken that one little idea and run with it, creating a new service of doing makeup for her customers. See Marzi’s Nails & Beauty of Ashford, Kent.

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