Female Business Owners: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twelve

Group of College Girls in a CircleAnother group of wonderful female business owners came to spend a day with me yesterday, aged between 30 and 60, for some financial coaching and abundance involving Rich Dad’s game, Cashflow 101.

What a powerhouse of woo woo, creativity, brilliance, humour, intelligence and general all-round fabulosity. I could see it in all of them and they could see it in each other but sometimes less often in themselves. Kind and honest feedback was forthcoming a-plenty and everyone went away exhausted from a day of learning but excited about what they had learned about themselves and how they are with money. And how their gifts were appreciated within the loving group.

We take our gifts for granted, perhaps especially so as women.

When we start the game we are nervous about whether we will learn fast enough and understand the rules or will we be left behind. Will we be good enough?

When we notice we are doing rather well and it’s pointed out to us, some of us are sensitive enough to put on the brakes and stop shining, born of years of ingrained habit of keeping ourselves small.

Some of us come to realise how jammy we are, how some things come easily to us and how we feel guilt about that.

Some realise that we have been playing small and we are sick of it because it’s our turn to shine now.

I notice how everyone is so much brighter and better at the game than they anticipate they will be; we put ourselves down. Its modesty on Warp Factor 5.

Despite the way we hobble and limit ourselves, or perhaps precisely because of it, these wonderful women always remind me how great we are and how unbounded is our capacity for love and kindness and growth and fun and laughter and learning and support.

Often the women I meet have been through bereavement and divorce and heartbreak and illness and redundancy and never really feeling good enough. And, as I wrote in my newsletter on Friday, some live with chronic health issues. But all are unfailingly wonderful and ready, willing and able to take off in the next year of their lives. And it all starts with holding up your hand and asking for help in addressing the issues which keep you stuck, one of which often turns out to be money or lack thereof.

The financial journey is one of personal development. It’s an entry point only. The women I work with are on the threshold of wonderful lives. Whatever age they are at now, it’s all before them and even now there is so much to be grateful for in ourselves and each other.

I am grateful for an abundance of wonderful women in my life and business. What are you grateful for?

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