Finding A Tenner: The Simple Things Make Us Happy

Quite a lot of jolly news in the paper today; course, it depends what you choose to notice, doesn’t it?   I loved this little story about why it really is the simple things that make us happy. Here’s the list compiled by the Daily Mail:





  1. Finding a £10 note in an old pair of jeans
  2. Going on holiday
  3. Getting into bed with freshly washed sheets
  4. Swimming in the sea
  5. Waking up on a sunny day
  6. Sitting in the sun
  7. Being surprised with a gift or flowers
  8. Getting a nice message from a loved one
  9. Cuddles
  10. Receiving a thank-you card in the post
  11. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands
  12. Driving a car with the window down on a sunny day
  13. Winning £10 on the National Lottery
  14. Booking a holiday
  15. Hearing your favourite song
  16. Finding a bargain
  17. Seeing an old friend
  18. Picnic in the park
  19. Getting a promotion
  20. A romantic night out
  21. A song that reminds you of your past
  22. Looking at old photos
  23. Making a new friend
  24. Having a quiet moment to yourself
  25. Walks in the country
  26. Hearing a baby laugh
  27. A girlie/lads night out
  28. Waking up on a Saturday morning and realising it’s the weekend
  29. Chocolate
  30. Eating cake

Which ones are your favourites?  Mine are clean sheets, sunshine and driving with the windows down, factor in a song and sunshine with the driving and that’s tops for me.

And which really simple pleasure would you add to that list?



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  1. Anne says:

    ooh, here is a few more..smell of the sea..dancing and singing along to some 80’s music (Wham anyone?), getting something technical to work out..the extra hour in bed when the clock goes back, getting a new book from a favourite author..bliss…
    my favourite ones from that list..getting into bed with freshly washed sheets, making a new friend and hearing a favourite song..

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