Finding My MoJo Again… Albeit Slowly!

Snail I’ve been slacking around the house these last couple of days, firing on about half my cylinders, but I find I am anyway being seduced in 2009.  I couldn’t make it out of bed before 9.30 on Monday, I didnt do anything on my brand new goal-orientated plan (up at 8, 9-10 spiritual self-care), and I didn’t amount to a hill of beans before lunchtime.   But I did talk to the three people my diary said I had promised to talk to, and I did do the Money Gym accounts to which I had set aside the whole day.

Yesterday I inducted another three new Gold members into the Money Gym and delightful they all were too, reminding me of myself in 2003 starting out on my own journey towards financial freedom and they re-connected me with some of my passion around helping folks with money.   Unexpected bonus of “showing up”.

I did something which was long over-due, I spoke to Sandra in Toronto and she helped me to organise my Outlook inbox so I can manage my emails rather than my emails managing me.   Now I am not on automatic send/receive, I choose when to do that.   And I have dinky little folders in my Inbox where emails wait for me until it is time for me to progress that project, whether it be Property, Cartel, Coaching, Money Gym, Cleaning Biz or Creative Entrepreneurs Club.   Yes, I expect you clever ones have been doing that for ages, and although it still feels rather odd with lots of new stuff to get used to, I already know I am going to prefer it.   I’m back in charge, Darling!

The phone has just rung over the last 48 hours with four Cartel leads and a potential new mentoring client, didnt have to do anything to generate them, that was nice and abundant feeling.   I am going to meet the new client today and guess what her first problem she presented me with is?   Difficulty in finding her own enthusiasm for her relatively new business at the start of 2009 despite great press coverage over the holidays.   Perfect synergy, helping her to find her mojo will re-connect me to mine.

And then a friend came over, I cooked dinner (rare as rocking-horse shit) and we went to see Slumdog Millionaire which was fab-u-lous.   A real treat on a frosty evening.   Had to buy some de-icer, I dont think I have owned a can of that since I last lived in the frosty suburbs, central London is a couple of degrees warmer than when you live out in the parts of town where they have commons and open land.

And on Monday, something exciting arrived in the post.   An invitation to Sandra’s Big Fat Portuguese Wedding in Canada in March.   Sadly I won’t be able to go, but her blog explains that everyone they have invited is loved by them and part of them, how nice!   I often think the first snail mail post of the new year is a good omen about what lies ahead.   I remember only too clearly 1988 which brought a speeding summons and an appointment reminder from the dentist.   Yuk, had to be really brave that year and I’m sick of being brave to be honest with you.

Although I haven’t done any REAL hard work, hefted a barge or toted a bale for instance, I am slowly getting back up to speed.   Or perhaps this half-cylinder approach will be my new speed for 2009?   Let’s see how long I can maintain tootling along in the inside lane.   Ha ha.   Even re-reading that I already know there’s no hope!

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