Finding Your Niche In Who You Are And What You Love

Finding Your NicheIn our Better Bloggers group, Yvonne posted something thought-provoking today about finding your target market. Yvonne’s niche is coaching Bed & Breakfast owners and she’s right in the centre of her authenticity because she owns and runs a successful B & B herself – in Champagne, in La Belle France.

If you are struggling with your niche in your own business, here’s Yvonne’s recommended list of questions to ask yourself. Although I know my niche, it is morphing, so I am going to answer these questions below and see what I learn about myself in the process. Why don’t you join in and share your own?

  • What age range am I in? My Fifties.
  • What is my background?   I used to be an accountant, but I’m alright now. I’ve been a wealth coach and business mentor since 2003.
  • Where have I lived and worked?   I’ve lived all over the world, I’ve worked in Oxford but mainly in London since 1977.
  • What kind of work have I done in the past which I have enjoyed?   Helping small businesses with matters financial. Marketing. Coaching. Mentoring. Writing.
  • What car do I drive?   Now a Nissan Note auto. Next? A Range Rover Evoque. My lease switchover is on my birthday in April. Yee ha!
  • What are my hobbies? What do I love to do in my spare time?   Now that my gap year is over, I don’t have much spare time. I love reading and writing. When I’m not working I do personal development and spiritual work, journaling, the Abundance Programme, the Happiness Project, gratitude, morning pages, meditating and watching my biorhythms on my HeartMath emwave machine.   There is a strong crossover between my work and my hobbies. I DO love the cinema and go most weeks, I’m excited that it’s the BAFTAs tonight and the Oscars later in the month.   I’m keen on Sudoku but perhaps my favourite thing of all is peace and quiet.
  • What magazines do I subscribe to/have done in the past?   The Week. Money Week. Vanity Fair.   These days I prefer online versions of all of them on my iPad.
  • What do I watch on TV and then love to talk about?   Strictly Come Dancing.   And the nicer reality shows where real human beings are doing something interesting or daring which pushes them out of their comfort zone and they learn a new skill or something deeper about themselves.  71 Degrees North. My Crazy Family Gap Year. Those challenges for Sport Relief where celebrities access the hero within themselves by walking across Africa, running hundreds of marathons, learning to swim. How far would you push yourself for the right reason?
  • What kind of people do I love to be around?   That’s easy. Anyone bright who’s self-employed and possessed of a GSOH.
  • Young/old/children/animals?   Not bothered. Anyone who behaves well and adds value. I do love cats. Less keen on children.
  • What is my ideal type of holiday?   My own villa in St Martin (SXM) with a view of the sea from my bed and my own swimming pool, in which I sit on my Swimfloat chair, sunning myself whilst listening to the sound of the waves and reading on my Kindle. See photo above.
  • What kind of food do I love to eat?   Anything which somebody else has cooked.
  • What kind of wine (or not) do I love to drink?   I don’t really drink but I like things which don’t taste of booze. I do like a glass of champagne as it happens, Yvonne. My current favourite tipple is the strawberry and lime flavoured Rekorderlig cider. I can drink two of those!
  • What causes do I support?   See over there in my right-hand side bar. There’s a list under heading Beloved Causes. Scroll down a bit.
  • What would I love to change in the world, if I could?   My mission is to ease the way and speed the journey for the self-employed person, the Entrepreneur who is brave enough to start her own business and employ herself and others.  I’d like most of us to be even more financially successful and to help and support each other, growing our importance in the global economy and drawing attention to and recognition for the value we create.   Well done us.

Did I learn anything new about myself from answering Yvonne’s questions? No, oddly, but I’m pleased I did it anyway as it reinforces that I work in my niche, in the centre of my own authenticity too and with people and projects about which I am very enthusiastic.  Lucky me.  And I did learn that this is a good place to look, so I think Yvonne’s questions are more than fit for purpose, they are clarifying and she inspired me today.   Thank you for reminding me who I am and why I do what I do.

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  1. Thanks Judith for leading the way and going through this exercise. The world needs more people like us who come from a place of authenticity and self-knowledge. Heart-centred entrepreneurs provide real value to the world in a way which makes us feel happy and fulfilled, which is the most important gift we can give to the world. Great post 🙂

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