Five Bloggy Dreams – Andrea, Paula, Justina, Sabine and Tracy

luggage-1149289_640One of my genius ideas to promote our upcoming Summit all about living a life beyond the laptop was a blog competition. As Terry Wogan would have said, five entries “flooded in”, three of them last night just an hour or two before the deadline. They are from Andrea, Paula, Justina, Sabine and Tracy and they are as diverse as you might expect from five wonderful women.

Andrea Jordan has been living the laptop lifestyle for some time now and is becoming a bit of an old hand. She’s recently left her home in New Zealand to live in Mexico for a month and she travelled via a salsa competition in LA! If you are going to go, dance and make it fun all the way, eh? Andrea is a very organised woman as you’ll see when you read her story which includes a 7-point list of her needs for working on the move.

Our second entry was from Paula Gardner who’s dreaming of Italy and, like me, she’s put in some serious stays as part of her destination research, staying there for holidays in each of the last seven years – in Rome, Bologna, Verona, Milan and the South with this year’s destination being Sicily. Paula’s made some tweaks to her business to make earning on the move a reality and yet she has both parents and children in the UK which means life between the two countries, for now.

Justina Hart led the way last night as the first of my just under the wire entries after I’d gone to bed, no word of a lie. Justina is the Author Afloat on a canal barge but her dream includes warmer winters in sunshiny places and, technically, as a writer she could live and work anywhere for which the narrow boat has to be a unique rehearsal.

Next last night came Sabine Konrath who is German but blogging in English. I cannot overstate my admiration for someone who can blog in a second language. Sabine talks of yearning for a sunny life, a home on the beach, a home in the city, different countries and different languages for which she already demonstrates a gift. After a recent bereavement, Sabine is gearing up to jump into freelancing again, the next step on the road to her dream.

And finally Tracy Reader who waxed lyrical on inspiration from Martin Luther King and took her time to explore in her post what her dream is now, a business owner, wife and mother and another to have recently experienced bereavement, that middle-aged rite of passage which makes you think so long and hard about your own life. Tracy is a marketer and already looking forward to using the inspiration from the speakers in her upcoming blogs on two websites, the second one being very much her dream business.

Which is your own favourite dream? I hope you’ll use the contact form to let me know which you find inspiring. Nicola and I are announcing the winner and the runners-up on Sunday lunchtime during the LIVE summit weekend, 19th June 2016.

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