The Flexible Entrepreneur: Creating A New Personal Reality

Flexibility-150x150I’ve got dodgy knees and recently I have been affirming “I AM flexible” as a spiritual way of oiling them up a tad. But today I am thinking of flexibility in a whole new light.

Recently I was chatting with some of my favourite entrepreneurs about matters of mutual interest. They were telling me stories about what had turned up in their respective businesses – opportunities in the main. Yowser! I love to hear about new opportunities, especially during a recession. Whatever market conditions pertain, there is always something for the died-in-the-wool entrepreneur to get her teeth into.

One had been experimenting with the biggest tithe of her life at £1,000. Tithing is something a bunch of my peers have been exploring, and no sooner had she made that tithe, the largest one in our group to my knowledge, than she received a phone call with a lead to the sort of business which could only come during a recession. This was the sort of business she had been chasing for several years to no avail; a lesson in the art of allowing.

And the other client, also an entrepreneurial magician, had fielded a new business enquiry from the USA after putting up her first video on YouTube about what her business does. We had a chat around how she was going to meet the brief and around the energy of her new client who she described as “a sort of Tony Robbins”. Clearly his energy had been infectious even across the pond and even on Skype.

And then I put a few lines on Facebook talking obliquely about flexibility and it drew a lot of comments. What I said clearly resonated with a handful of those who know me and a few of those who don’t. And it goes against what we know about marketing, where you get yourself known for just one thing. I was proposing to offer myself to my market in new and different ways alongside my more “normal” entrepreneur mentoring.

Some of these opportunities come knocking on our door and some of them come because of years of hard work and making connections. But they all come via experimentation and having an open mind and heart, doing new things and being prepared to explore new ways of doing business and new people with whom to do it.

We don’t necessarily have any specific expertise to fall back on but we are open to possibilities, although all three of us do have loads of experience generally. So I guess what I am saying is that we have to get used to applying that expertise in new ways. And that’s exciting. Also, in our demographic, women in our fifties, it’s good for us too to be flexing that muscle and making new connections in the brain. This fits right in with the studies I have been doing with Dr Joe Dispenza about creating a new personal reality.

Who knows where being flexible will lead us? It will be a new entrepreneurial adventure for sure. No chance of stagnating round here, not with that mindset.

What do you notice about your own entrepreneurial venture? How is it obliging you to morph into something else, explore other niches, expand into being a different version of yourself and apply your experience and skills in new ways? Have a great time playing with your new-found flexibility and let me know how it goes.

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