Forty Tips for Making or Saving Money

1. Read Money Week for free daily emails and first 3 magazines free. Invaluable and only 1 hour a week
2. Write an e-book around your expertise and sell 20 copies online
3. Promote someone else’s products, earn affiliate fees
4. Review your insurances – remember the insurance industry preys on our fears.
5. Trade in endowments and learn to do something more powerful with the money
6. Only contribute to a pension where your employer matches your contribution. Self-employed? Get a SIPP (ask me).
7. Stop emotional spending and retail therapy;  cease medicating your pain with shopping
8. Cut out takeaways, limit designer coffees, bribes, treats and rewards
9. Review and consolidate utility suppliers and pay by direct debt. Monitor your quarterly bills. Mine have just dropped £9 pcm
10. Call banks and lenders and ask for rates on credit cards and overdrafts reduced; every percentage point is valuable
11. Research the cost of on all major purchases on the web – amazing savings to be had
12. Not upgrading your mobile every 12 months can save you upwards of £15 per month. I saved closer to £85 pcm.
13. If you are not using your gym, cancel your membership and power walk instead
14. Check if you get free travel insurance for all trips booked on your credit card
15. Work out what your time is worth per hour and outsource the stuff you don’t want to do for a lesser hourly rate
16. Do all your food shopping online to a budget; less embarrassing than at the checkout!
17. Consider house-swapping or house-sitting for free holidays
18. Move personal and business banks and get 12-18 months free banking. Halifax & Santander incentivising new accounts now.
19. Boot Fairs, E-Bay and Gumtree – clear your clutter for cash; buyer collects
20. Start a business part-time
21. Hang out with positive, like-minded people earning more than you
22. Stop watching the TV, invest the time in your wealth creation ideas
23. Expect to find free money – find out where to look for it and keep an eye out, people drop it everywhere
24. Intend to win competitions with big cash prizes (don’t forget to enter!)
25. Get a credit card with 0% interest for a year – they’re back
26. Buy and read Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt
27. Work out the cheapest and quickest way to pay off your bad debt automatically (see 26)
28. Reclaim overpaid bank charges and any other overpayments
29. Leave your credit cards at home, wait 24 hours before making any purchase
30. Meditate for 15 minutes a day – clear your mental clutter, live simply
31. Ask for a discount because…have fun with that and shift your mindset
32. Barter – swap your skills or your time
33. Feed your brain – books, free workshops, inspirational DVDs and mastermind teams
36. Research savings and investments, make your money work for you
37. Transfer your pension pot into a SIPP and grow it beween now and retirement. No-one cares about your money like you.
38. Reduce your outgoings, how low can you go? Strip out everything.
39. Pay attention to your money – what you pay attention to expands
40. Bone up on compound interest – it makes saving money much sexier

I will write more soon on quite of lot of these bulletpoints as in these challenging times, making our money work harder is more than prudent.

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