Free eBooks

I’ve got a couple of free eBooks for you – grab one, or both!


My-Money-Moment coverThe first one is called My Money Moment and I wrote it with a group of friends and clients and colleagues I met mostly through The Money Gym 2005-2010, and we were then together in an online group called Money-Making Magic.  They each tell their story of a pivotal moment in their relationship with money.

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cover-love-the-boss-1The second book is called Love the Boss and it’s the inspirational stories of 36 female business owners who first I interviewed and published on my blog, then later I collected all the interviews together into this anthology. Like My Money Moment, you can dip into and out of Love the Boss when you need a few words of inspiration on the road to building your own business.

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I hope you’ll write and let me know which book you enjoyed and why.