Freedom for Entrepreneurs: Why are you Self-Employed?

I sent out a little tweet on Twitter recently asking my Entrepreneur chums for the top three reasons why they chose to work for themselves.   I’ve evaluated their answers, of course I have, I’m an accountant still in some tiny part of my soul and I love a good statistic.

Flexibility is a recurring theme, but the main thing all the answers share is a strong desire for freedom; in fact, I would call it a must-have.   Its the thing which has driven folks out of a job and into a life.

Freedom to do what, I wondered?   And they told me.   Yes!   I love my Entrepreneur respondees.

  • Freedom to do what I want when I want.
  • Freedom to make my own mistakes.
  • Freedom to create whatever kind of deal/life/balance/business/opportunity I want.
  • Freedom to create my own timetable.
  • Freedom to stand or fall by my own efforts.
  • Freedom to re-create myself as often as I wish.
  • Freedom to be all I can be.
  • Freedom to do what I enjoy.
  • Freedom to be my own boss.

Go rebellious, individual, creative, ambitious, self-directed Entrepreneurs!   Can you just feel the energy which comes through those responses?  

What’s my greatest reason for wanting freedom in my own businesses?   I like the fact that every day is unique.   Sometimes I work at home, sometimes I work in Starbucks.   Sometimes I go out to meet people, sometimes they come here.   Sometimes I work virtually from overseas.

But now – and even when I was an accountant working for myself for twenty years – no two days are ever the same.

This week alone Monday was about property, Tuesday and Wednesday mainly about working on one of my businesses and then working in it, Thursday was about coaching clients and socialising and writing, Friday is about marketing.   A Creator/Scanner/Entrepreneur needs variety and I have the freedom to put anything I want in my diary, see the timetabling desire in the above list too.

And next week will be different again and so will each of the weeks in 2010.

Freedom to be unique?   Freedom to be me.   Freedom to wake up every day, get a new idea in the shower and put it into immediate action.   Freedom to create, then.   That’s the nub of it for me I realise through this exploration.

What is your main reason for working for yourself and have you achieved that goal yet in your own business?

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