The Biggest Leap: From Free to Fee

From Free to FeeThe biggest leap we can make in our business at the early stages is when we go from giving away our stuff, to realising it has a value and that we can charge for it…going from free to fee. And do you know what the real gem is in going from free to fee? You only have to do it once!

Someone who I loosely regard as a client (by dint of his marriage to someone who has been one for a longish time, and a favourite at that) is doing this today, and he started messaging me early this morning and sharing his excitement at seeing money come in for his fabulous work. There is nothing more exciting, and I assured him that the thrill of the ka-ching never dies. We are a nation of shopkeepers after all.

I have insisted upon regular updates throughout the day, like a telethon, where you get staged totals and then a final tally. EXCITING!

What’s genius about this is that if often takes a third party to see value in something you would love so much that you would do it for free. Often it is the simplest of things which you are completely unable to see that anyone else would value it enough to want to pay you for it. Mostly you don’t believe it until the day comes (today) when the evidence proves just how wrong you were. It’s a combination of a delicious modesty and being too close to the project and completely lacking in commercial savvy, often in a world where ‘commercial’ is a dirty word.

Simple is best. How could you make a small amount of money from lots of people by subscription, for example? Or what would people buy from you on an annual basis which would pay for the rest of your year’s work? I’ve worked on both of those models today with different clients. We often over-complicate and over-think, and that just confuses us and has the potential also to confuse those who would like to pay us some money for our good work.

If this is your dilemma, you do good work but you have no idea how to charge for it, book yourself into my online diary during November and Let’s Talk. We all deserve to be well paid for our skills, strengths and talents and money is just an energy. Invite money into your life today. Take the biggest leap. Get paid – you deserve it!

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