From Marie: My First Testimonial As A Pro Blogger!

“Judith is a great wordsmith who manages to get inside your head and blog in your own image.

At a time when I had written a book and wanted to get a series of blogs out to increase awareness of the ideas, I just couldn’t get to it. I love to write and I was uber busy. I had also “run out of steam” with writing about this particular book once I had actually finished  it. I  knew that these blogs were my blogging priority.

Judith waved her magic wordsmith wand by writing 20 blogs for me in my style using my work as the basis for them. She has a real gift for blogging and I am absolutely delighted with the result. I made minimal changes to the drafts and now have nearly three months of blogs ready to rock and roll out into the blogosphere.

She is also ultra efficient at getting things done and came up with great suggestions for linking blogs etc which is a bonus!”   Marie Taylor’s Better Thinking Blogs



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