From My Coaching Toolbox: Stop It Immediately!

I will be ever grateful to my beloved client S for giving me the gift of one of my favourite coaching tools. S would be the first to tell you that she used to write incredibly long emails to me in the middle of the night, sometimes peppered with nameless dreads, you know the sort of thing, the thoughts we all think during what Marion calls the long nights of the soul.

And at first I used to diligently reply to each point.   And believe me when I say long, these emails were LONG.

But then, after a while, the trust between me and my client grew to the point where I could just say – at some points – “Stop It Immediately!”  And S was robust enough to take it on the chin, laugh and follow my advice.   We could even shorten it in the end to SIM. Or she would eventually even self-coach, saying “I know, stop it immediately”.

This isn’t pure coaching, Gentle Reader, so if you are undertaking your coach training right now, do not practice this one yet, for you will surely fail your coaching exams. But once you are up and running and enjoying yourself and your clients and they are repaying the compliment, by all means use it judiciously and only when you can be sure that your client will appreciate it and respond well to it for positive changes.

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  1. Allison says:

    Isn’t that what you call mentoring as opposed to coaching? Equally valuable. The trick is to know when is most appropriate – and I think you’ve got that one sussed!

  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for the Bob Newhart reminder. Very funny.

  3. I love that – it reminds me of the Bob Newhart comedy sketch, “Stop it”, which worked brilliantly as a pattern interrupt on a fellow coach once. My hubby and I also use it if the other one’s been going into whinge or fear mode – always makes us laugh and brings us out of it. Short version here if you want a look: