Fun Crazy Things (in your Biz!): Podcast Ep 168

Nicola tells me that Mr Elon Musk, he of the Falcon Heavy Mars over-shoot, bring your rockets safely back to earth, fly to Oz (eventually via space) in 45 minutes, Tesla car, Space Oddity things, yes… THAT Elon Musk, that he has uttered these words “Fun crazy things are important too” and this to explain why he’d put a red Tesla roadster into the rocket instead of a lump of concrete. He da man when it comes to fun and crazy. And billions of dollars of science-y shiz too.

So this we took as our theme for today’s radio show, number 168, and if that’s not fun and crazy I don’t know what is. That two entrepreneurs can still sustain their mutual interest in something in its fourth year, well it beggars belief but one thing we both agree upon is that it was a crazy idea, perhaps, but if it wasn’t fun we wouldn’t still be doing it and sometimes when it threatens to stop being fun, we put it under serious review.

So the question on the table is can you be fun/have fun in your business without compromising your professionalism?

The Blogfesters are teaching me that Yes We Can. Not that I am surprised to read how many people deliver top work from their sofa in their jim-jams. And not one of them is coming across (yet!) as a flake not worthy of your custom. So yes, fun crazy things are us doing our biz our way and long may that float our boat.

What I did think is that fun though it may be, we are not really doing our equivalent of putting a red motorcar into space for the heck of it. And I suggested to Nicola and the listeners that we might all up our game on that front. Let us see. Look out for your own Tesla in space moment and pile in. Let me know how it goes!

LISTEN HERE to Episode 68 of Own It! the Podcast: Professionalism v Fun

In other news, our words of the week are Obsession (mine) and Space (hers). We are a bit obsessed with space generally in this episode since Nicola has discovered that Kalamata airport is getting a Euro spaceport or may already have it for all I know. That means she’ll be able to go over there and get her sci-fi geek on. Handy. And this came to light this week during the sci-fi episode of Write Club the Podcast.

We talk about my leaving the house to see people (freaky) and marmalade and Canva and my Amazon author page en route to my getting my book up on Kindle and making my first two sales there and being remunerated by page read by those in those Amazon programs where you don’t pay e.g. Unlimited etc. I’ve realised I can make 52 Audiobooms out of my Blogfest entries and that’ll definitely be fun, I need to remind myself to use Click to Tweet more, and I’m noticing how many writing and audio platforms are offering me money for content. Nicola reports that we’ve collected a new Patreon sponsor – yay! – and that she’s using Lumen5 for FB Ads for clients who don’t want to be on video themselves, just as I don’t.

She’s connected on a free call with Jennifer from India who loves our podcast for the humour and is working with one of her recurring clients she really enjoys, and she’s noticing how many of those in her diary want her Done For You service. No surprise to me, that.

I update the listeners with my book sales stats (87/100) as of 8th February 2018, all the eights. And I am fascinated by how kindle have replaced their DIRE spreadsheets in use last time I was one of their authors with a gorgeous online real-time stats space. Geek, moi. I’m feeling the pull to create a Facebook Event, it’s been a while. And we are impressed by Gary Vee’s latest book Crushing It (her, natch) and me by client Margaret Rode’s gorgeous Storytelling for Small Business.

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