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Georgina NoelToday is the first in a series of blogs over the next few days showcasing my current clients in Club 100. Here’s Georgina Noel (great name for 23rd December feature!), in her own words:

My name is Georgina Noel and I am an EFT Practitioner.

I am also an NLP Practitioner, singer, actor, chocolate lover and owner of / am owned by a miniature dachshund called Heinz!

I started my business in 2014… before I felt ready. I was working for the local Arts Centre (where I had been working for 9.5 years – yikes!) I had felt a calling to study counselling a few years ago after one of my closest friends took his own life.

Having struggled with my own depression on and off for years, my life got spun on its head and, at that point, I felt like it was over for me. I was close to giving up. Then I was introduced to EFT and my life took a fascinating turn. I started to shift limiting beliefs like shedding dead petals and felt like my brain had been cleaned and reorganised.

I was feeling SO stuck in my job at the time that I had a little meltdown in my office as I was trying to motivate myself by doing a dream board. I realised I had no dreams. WTF?! So, after weeping on a friend’s shoulder, I felt a surge of “Get your s%&t together, Noel” and booked myself on to both EFT & NLP courses.

Even after certification, I still wasn’t quite ready until I had a big spat with a friend at my place of work and that just tipped the scales for me. After a weekend of frantic Tapping, I realised this was the Universe’s way of kicking my butt into action and I went in on the Monday, handed in my resignation and, well, ta-dah!

I work with people suffering from anxiety, depression, weight issues, blocks in their finances, chronic pain… the list goes on.

When I first started out, it was recommended to me that I specialise, but EFT is such an amazing tool for shifting a multitude of ailments that I couldn’t settle on any one thing. As soon as I thought, “Right, weight loss is where I’m going,” I’d get an influx of people suffering anxiety or stress and vice versa. I took this as my sign from the Universe; so now, my criteria for clients is whether or not I feel I can help them as an individual.

We can carry around so much pain that we get used to it and sometimes we don’t even notice it anymore. It’s only when we get sick, suffer anxiety attacks or weight issues etc that we seek help. These symptoms are what people come to me with and they lead in directions you’d never believe unless you’ve tried this crazy tapping stuff!

Working for myself has been a revelation. I always had so much fire and passion in my work and now, the difference is that I benefit directly from that energy – I get out what I put in and that’s a great motivator.

The surprises have been that if you are committed to healing and helping people feel better, come from a place of congruence within your work, people will come to you – no matter how weird or ‘out there’ your technique / skill may be.

The shocks are how much I care for my clients. I honestly had no idea how genuinely I would want each and every one of them to not just feel ‘better’ or ‘ok’; I want them to feel AWESOME! I am as excited as they are when they are shifting their stuff and I often feel so energised after ‘work’ that I could do it all over again.

Since starting up on my own, I’ve settled into my skin. I feel like I have finally found my calling (cheesy, I know!)

The thing I’m most looking forward to in 2015 is working with more clients via Skype. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I’m not bound to only helping people on my tiny island. I currently work with people from Holland to Guatemala – this is so exciting to me! Working with people all over the world and spreading the Tapping love is like my mission now. It means my work is accessible to ANYONE.

On a less Tapping-related topic, the thing I’m most stoked about in the coming year is going somewhere delicious for my boyfriend’s 40th birthday next year (shh… Don’t tell him I told you – he hates it when I mention his birthday! Haha!)

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Regular readers of my blog will know I am a big fan of EFT. There’s lots you can do by yourself but a practitioner is incredibly useful to get you going properly, to guide you through the thornier stuff which can shift faster than you could possibly imagine in the gifted hands of a woman like Georgina. Do make contact if it’s your New Year’s resolution to sort out a particular problem once and for all. You’ll be glad you did.

And if it’s your New Year’s Resolution to join Georgina and the other ladies (and men!) in an affordable business mentoring group like Club 100, here’s the info you need. Let me know if you’d like to discuss that decision with me first.

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