Get It Done: The Importance Of Focus For Entrepreneurs

I know first hand and from my clients that focus is the number one challenge for us multi-tasking entrepreneurs. And in that, we are our own worst enemy.

So, are you asking yourself first every day – what one thing would really move my business forward today, and then doing it – FIRST?

No, I thought not! Fancy giving it a try, though?

When I say one thing, I mean one project for this week, or even for this month, and then getting a list of the things which need doing within that project.   If you are working alone, then you may need to outsource a lot of what needs doing, and if you have a team then you will need to delegate.   Then you focus on directing the project and bringing it to fruition within your ideal time frame.   Focus on the bit you and you alone must and can do.

Lovely. Job Done. Project launched and taking money.

And now, and only now, you can turn to the second project. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I remember when I went to Mark Forster’s time management seminar he asked us what’s the best way to launch three projects and start to earn money from each of them.   One at a time, or all three simultaneously?   The answer is one at a time and I was the only person he had ever heard answer that question correctly at that time, and its a while back now. I imagine more people know this truth in 2012, but perhaps not. Especially not us Creators.

Which means that most of us believe we can work on all things at once and achieve the results we want.   WRONG!

Think of it like plate spinning.   Get one up first, and keep it up, then go onto the next one.


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  1. Jean Maund says:

    This is definitely something I need to work on. Too many shiny things!
    I remember being on a ‘proper’ project management course and being shown how doing one project at a time gets everything done quicker. Sounded counter-intuitive but it does work Thanks for the reminder!