Getting A Different Perspective – From The Garden

Judith's Pink Roses

Judith’s Pink Roses

Today I woke up and the sun was shining. My first appointment wasn’t until 10.30 so I had time for some of my own self-care. After my shower I meditated for ten minutes with my new Headspace app, then went for a little walk, came home and made a green juice and sat down to do some journaling. Because of all the spaciousness, I had time to look out of the window. And I saw my garden office. And I thought “Ooh, it’s warm enough today to work down there”. So I moved my act down to the bottom of the garden and here I am, looking at life from a different perspective.

How often do you do that? Look at life from a different perspective?

Instead of looking down the garden from inside the house, I am looking up at the house from down at the bottom of the garden. That’s a 180 degree switch. I wonder what that will bring forth? I know it will be something different because if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. So says my fave guru Dr Wayne Dyer. And he’s right, we know this. I’ve got a lot more daylight and sunshine down here too, good for my vitamin D intake.

Getting out of the house is often something I recommend to clients. This advice initially doesn’t seem to make logical sense if you work at home because you are so very focused on your work and achieving something meaningful from your day. I am, anyway. But often a little break from the laptop is often all the magic you need to see things differently, to slip from struggle into ease, and to find some perspective.

How do I know this? Mainly by the results my clients report when something magical happens. It is often when they areĀ out and about and bumping into other people who give them ideas, or bring synchronicity into their world.

I wonder what wonderful thing you are waiting and wanting to show up in your world. How might seeing things from a different perspective be part of that manifestation?

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