Getting Unstuck: Focus, Clarity and Accountability for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

As I scan down a list of clients, past and present, I know what they come for; it’s largely focus, clarity and accountability.   Some come every month, some fortnightly, some few and far between and some every now and again for an MoT.   We clear away the dead wood, we measure progress, we advance ideas, we check-in, we co-create, they pick my brains. They want to learn what I know how how to run their business more profitably and have it be easier on them.

Here’s what one client wrote to me after our first session together:

“My sincere thanks for yesterday. It was hugely useful to me and it has enabled me to get much clearer on what is next and I feel much more empowered as a result of the session. I have already told a couple of clients that I am not working in August and the computer is in the process of being backed up on iBackup! I am looking forward to sitting down early next week and making notes on what we agreed and moving everything to the next stage. The biggest difference for me is that I now really believe that these important changes are going to happen and I feel massively ‘unstuck’. You have allowed me to see where my thinking was not clear and opened up possibilities. Thank-you! I am excited.”

I don’t always get thank-you letters, none are sought or required but I love the spontaneous outpourings of the unstuck, and its lovely to come home from a trying day to find some unexpected joy like this in the inbox.   For those of us to live to help, its reward in spades.

It’s useful to know what your clients appreciate about you – and sometimes its even more useful to dissect when relationships go astray, however painful that might be.   So we can do more of the first and less of the latter.   I confess I’ve had to do one of those too this week and I am happy to let you know that we are still firm friends, despite the misunderstanding.

Do you ask your clients?   Do they send unsolicited thanks?   What do you learn from them?   I suspect we learn more from when things go wrong, but its important to store the pats on the back too so you can get a balance in your working life.   I store mine in a Warm Fuzzies file which is a lovely retreat on a duff day.

If you are ready to get unstuck in your business, here are some ways I’d like to be of service to you:

Mentoring – deeply practical, down-to-earth acceleration for the ambitious entrepreneur and small business owner.

Soul Days – do less achieve more, let’s go all soulful and get there in delicious style, loving and appreciating life as we go and living in the now.

Cashflow 101 Masterminds – play Rich Dad’s life-changing game and take the learnings back to your real life business.

Whatever tickles your fancy and meets your needs, the first step is for us to have a free consultation with no strings attached which you can book online. My hope is to be chatting with you soon and that we agree to work together from September which is – oh, look – tomorrow!

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Your Biz Your Way

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