Giving Birth to a Creative Project

Regular newsletter readers will remember that last week we had no heat. This week we have no internet!

As I’ve already confessed to my I Love My Life group, I am struggling to interpret the messages from the Big U right now, especially in regard to my book. Makes it a little bit trickier to love my life too, though far from impossible.

I decided to spend my holiday month of August writing my book. Three weeks’ of evil back-ache arrived in my life which meant it took me two months instead of one, taking me up to the end of September.

Proofreading took the first half of October – fast!

The Foreword took a little longer, but it was important and well worth waiting for, arriving on 20th November.

The last link in the chain is Matt who is doing the design and making it look nice and turning it into three digital formats – PDF, ePub and Mobi. He got his hands on the final version in Word on 21st November and, at that point, I was still hoping to publish in November but, without internet, he and I cannot send large documents between us and I certainly couldn’t contemplate uploading them to Ejunkie or Gumroad, and I’ve yet to make a final decision on that too.

What are all those delays all about, I wonder?

I have clients who are professional writers and published authors and a decent novel takes much longer, of course. And this is good learning for me if I decide to go to Volume 2 that I will need to allow at least four months for it, not two. Ever the optimist, moi.

Giving birth to any project, creative or otherwise, requires tenacity and focus and there are ups and downs on the way, many of those apparently outside our control, during which time we can choose to be patient – or not. Fortunately, I am just about keeping a lid on it. Ha!

And this is serving to remind me that anything worth doing is worth doing well, the importance of passing the baton between the team members and giving them enough creative space to do their bit well too, that I am not in control of very much except the original 65,000 words and that if I am not careful my enthusiasm for the project will wane due to these delays. Fine while I was still connected with the content, but even having read it again two or three times for Matt in the last week, I can feel it slipping out of my grasp at times. It feels more remote with each day that passes.

This is exactly what my clients go through with their businesses and creative projects, and maybe that’s the learning for me here. If so, I am content.

Soon, Dear Lord. Soon.

PS That woman in the photo in her slippers with a hot toddy and a roaring fire is more relevant than I could possibly have imagined when I started this in the summer!

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