Gleaming New Testimonials for Club 100

I asked my lovely clients in Club 100 if they could give me some gleaming new testimonials for my sales page. Here they are… I’ll add to them as they come in.

Sarah Newton“When I came to Club 100 I needed to get a grip with my money and get focused so I could begin to increase my income and do the most profitable things in my business. I lacked the focus, willpower and know how. I have now stripped my products back to only two focused offerings, have completed my accounts before they are due and have a plan to step into doing more of what I love. Judith is a wonderful mix of practicality and spiritual acceptance, a mix that works perfectly for me.” Sarah Newton,

Sue Ritchie 2“I’ve worked with Judith in Club 100 for just over a year now and it has been the calmest and one of the most productive years I’ve had since beginning self-employment. What I particularly love about Judith is her authenticity. She makes a living doing what she does – coaching – and that is a fantastic role model for me. She has shown me that with time, patience and commitment, I can build a business as a coach. There’s no overnight wand-waving with Judith – she provides practical, down to earth advice that is grounded in reality and experience, with just the right amount of encouragement to take risks. She is generous with her time and attention and as a result I am now extremely optimistic about the direction my business is moving in. I’d thoroughly recommend book a time to have a Skype chat with her; you won’t regret it.” Sue Ritchie,

Heena“My own personal cheerleader, an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom and plain common sense, as well as someone to whom I am accountable for the promises I make to myself. These are just some of the magical ingredients forming Judith’s coaching spell. The support, encouragement and feeling of belonging that come with being part of Club 100 is a brilliant bonus. I’ve achieved more and expect more of myself since being part of this terrific tribe.” Heena Pattni,

Julia Elmore“Being part of Judith’s Club 100 has provided me with the accountability that keeps me taking small steps with my business each week, and sometimes big ones – whatever fits around my freelance work and other life stuff – the regular weekly check-ins ensure that I am either taking action or examining why I am not. Club 100 has provided me with the friendship and camaraderie of a fabulous group of creative entrepreneurial women. There is no rivalry, just mutual respect and support. Judith herself is a rock; a marvellous, magical rock who knows exactly when to give you a (virtual) hug and when a virtual shove is more appropriate. Her mentoring is so much more than business support; it is life support and I owe many of the leaps of faith I have taken in the past year to her, knowing she will be there cheering me on if I succeed or catch me if I fall. Mostly, I am glad to say, she has been cheering. Thank you Judith… I am deeply grateful.” Julia Elmore,

Alice Sheridan“I hesitated about joining Club 100 because mine isn’t a “proper” business so I wasn’t sure it applied to me. But Club 100 is more than business coaching. Judith freely admits she doesn’t ‘get’ art but what she does get is experience of how ideas can be developed so that my vague idea can be crystallised into something useful and right for me. I find the weekly check-ins a valuable part of my week which encourage me to think about my long term aims and keep me moving forward. Knowing I have Team Judith on my side is personally and practically rewarding; I no longer feel like I’m working on my own and that makes the impossible feel possible.” Alice Sheridan,

Georgina Noel“Judith was recommended to me by my mentor.  I booked in for a free chat and got SO much value from that… I couldn’t wait to have enough money to get booked in full time.  Eventually, I just bit the bullet and signed up to Club 100.  When my Mentor said to me, “Working with Judith is like having a business partner,” I took it with a pinch of salt, but turns out she was right.  Constant attention in the Facebook group and weekly check ins (plus the weekly “Own It!” podcast) help me feel like a mini Judith is sitting on my shoulder at all times whispering words of encouragement.  Judith helps you trust your inner wisdom with words like, “The answer is in your body.”  She’s right.  Inevitably, we do have the answers, but it is so encouraging to have the epic force of Judith’s knowledge and energy behind you that you will feel compelled to trust your inner business guru.  I feel 100% supported in my business and can’t recommend Judith highly enough.” Georgina Noel, 

If this sounds like something which would benefit you and your business by joining the women (and men) in Club 100, simply contact me and we’ll make an arrangement to have a no-strings chat on Skype.

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