Be Brave, Go First, Do It Now

NOWWay back, in the summer of 2012, Jean let me in on a little secret. A useful resource which I have loved and shared with everyone I know. Here’s what it’s all about. You write. 750 words a day. Online. Buster, whose gorgeous website it is, suggests we might like to think of it as a sort of online Morning Pages a la The Artist’s Way and I get where he’s coming from.

I’ve done Morning Pages a lot in my life and love them, conceptually and in reality, when I get around to doing them. But finding the time isn’t always easy. I have an abundant stock of beautiful notebooks and a fabulous fountain pen and I put pen to paper every day. And some say that Morning Pages should definitely be done by hand, but  these days my preferred way of writing is not only typing but also online, i.e. blogging.

But you can’t always blog everything you want to write and here’s where 750words comes in. It’s fast, it’s online and it encourages your new daily writing habit seven days a week and it rewards you for that too.

The important bit, I feel, is this. If you are a writer at some secret place in your soul, and you know that, or you’d like to experiment with it or you’d like to get better at it before you make that declaration, then 750words is a safe place where you can put that practice in. And here’s the rub. Writers write. And you can’t call yourself a writer if you keep on meaning to get around to it, so thanks to Jean for the heads up.

Which brings me to my point. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Coaches coach. Whatever it is that you want to be in the world, do it now. Singers sing, Actors act. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Whether or not you intend to create a business or an income doing this thing that you love, well that doesn’t matter so much to me as you actually doing what you love. What I feel very strongly is that you must inhabit the space now. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, ducks all lined up, website ready, business cards – check, certificates framed and so on. Just crack on with it now. Get into the energy of doing it daily. Have fun with it before you are ready. Play with it before you are perfect. Be it. Inhabit it. Go first.

This puts me in mind of changing what you say you do on your passport. Ah, stop me right there, I don’t think you have to say what you do on your passport any more, do you? So how about a cocktail party then? “What do you do?” Try saying in the present tense whatever your dream life affords and busk it from there. Make up the answers. Assuming your fellow cocktail quaffer doesn’t do precisely the same thing, they won’t know, will they? You are unique, you do it differently. Profess your dream as if it were already true.

What I am proposing is about how we define ourselves to ourselves, as much as to strangers. I was an accountant and still am in many ways. I am a coach and business mentor. And now I am a writer too. And how do I know this? Because I write every day.

What are you doing every day? Is that what you want to be doing in your dream life? If not, how could you get a bit of what you do want to be doing into your daily life today? Then you can feel the energy of doing it, you can be it and you can pull yourself up to your full height and declaim your new vocation because you are authentically doing it, not still only aspiring to it.

I call this “going first” because we have to be prepared to take a tiny jump into our new reality in order for it to fully unfold over time. We have to change our job title or perception of ourselves before it’s 100% true. It’s true in some part of us already, so just big that part up a bit and before long, you’ll be in flow and clients will be asking you to do it for them (assuming that’s what you want).

Let’s think of it like a fun experiment. How can you inhabit the space now that you want to be in the world “one day”? And while we’re at it, what would that be for you?

  • What are you?
  • Who are you?

Nice to meet you. My name is Judith and I am a writer.

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