Go Straight to Y

YOne of the stories I love to tell my clients is something I learned from the car radio, way back. I can even associate it with one part of London – Elephant & Castle, I must have been driving there, even down to the particular petrol station. Sadly I cannot remember who was talking. Never mind, his wisdom remained with me forever.

It was a man, an older man, telling the story about mentoring a considerably younger man, someone just starting out in his business career, in his early twenties.

The mentor was reporting that his client said he wanted to set up a business, which we shall call X, so that eventually he could do something else, which we shall call Y. Sorry I cannot remember the specifics. But what I can remember was what the mentor said next – “Why not just go straight to Y?” It’s never left me.

It’s useful to remember because clients tell me this all the time. They are going to do X so that they can do Y. And of course I reply with infinite logic (to me) “Why not just go straight to Y?” It’s so obvious to the onlooker/mentor/coach, if not to you. Like so much in life.

There are lots of reasons why you might think you have to start with X. It seems logical. You think/are reasonably sure that people will pay you for X. You cannot see the money in Y. You do not believe your dream Y could possibly support you or that you could make a life or business out of Y. And yet Y is your heart’s desire.

Look, Chums. Go straight to Y. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200. Let’s make plans to do The Thing You Are Here For. Enough distractions already. No more fannying about. Let’s just go do Your Thing.

I regularly ask myself what I would do all day long if I had already won the Lottery. The answer’s always the same, what I’m doing now. Writing and Coaching. Coaching and Writing. They’re my Y.

What’s Your Y?

Book yourself into my online diary and tell me why you are thinking of doing X when Y’s so obviously The One.

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