Going Virtual: My Last Three Books In The World

I’m having a bit of a bookish day today. And I was down The Abundance Shed earlier and I got a bit clutter-cleary. In the bottom draw of the filing cabinet (shh) are a couple of valuables I want to shift on eBay on Friday so I made a note. Then I pulled the last armful of books I own in the whole entire world down off the shelf and laid them all out for the Oxfam repository in the Sainsbury’s car park later in the week.

And there are three books I cannot bear to be parted from. Can you guess what they are yet? Channelling a bit of Rolf Harris there. No. Don’t be silly, Judith. How on God’s green earth could we possibly guest your last three favourite books in the world?

OK, pin back your luggoles, then.

My first is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I would not be lying to you if I said that I had cause to say to someone this morning who reported ankle injuries in herself and then her business partner “don’t worry, I’ll run down the garden shed in a mo and tell you what Louise Hay has to say about this”.   And I do this often. And yes, my more prosaic friends think I’m barmy but I don’t care any more. It works for me; it’s my medical text book.

You Can Heal Your Life is one of the very earliest personal development books I ever bought, my copy is well thumbed. I use it a bit like a bible and I’ve certainly owned it for longer than the 25 years it has been since I last had use for a GP.   I went on a fabulous Heal Your Life weekend in Islington aeons ago and cried all weekend as I looked into a mirror and learned to tell myself that I love and accept me exactly as I am.

The beautiful thing is that if I accept this, and I do, then it logically follows I must love and accept you exactly as you are. And mostly I do. And sometimes, just sometimes, you test me. But both of these are a work in progress and much closer to a matter of fact than had Ms Hay not existed. And have you seen her live? Well there’s a bird! If she’s been practising what she preaches and I have no doubt that she has, then whatever she’s on, we want some of that.

My next book is Debt-Proof Living by Mary Hunt. This is a another bible. I refer to it over and over again with clients and send them to Mary’s website to try out her Rapid Debt Repayment Calculator. This is not my original copy, I can tell. Which means I’ve paid that one forward and been obliged to buy a second copy.   I love the way she tells in this book why we get into debt in the first place and how to crawl out of it, and how we will slip back in over and over again until we learn those lessons. Highly recommended.

And my last but not least book which you may have to bury or burn me with, but not for a while yet, is Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   This book has an entry for each day of the year for you to meditate upon. Read one tiny piece of Sarah’s writing and contemplate. So I open the book today (haven’t touched it for a while) and here’s the message:

You Are an Artist

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… Say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the Universe – Jalai ud-Din Rumi

“Most of us feel uncomfortable thinking of ourselves as artists, but we are. We think artists write novels, paint pictures, choreograph ballets, act on Broadway, throw pots, shoot feature films, dress in black, drink absinthe, and line their eyes with kohl.

But each of us is an artist. An artist is merely someone with good listening skills who accesses the creative energy of the Universe to bring forth something on the material plane that wasn’t here before.  It was a part of Spirit before we could see it as a book, a painting, a ballet, a film. [Or a business, Ed Judith]

So it is with creating an authentic life. With every choice, every day, you are creating a unique work of art. Something that only you can do. Something beautiful and ephemeral. The reason you were born was to leave your own indelible mark on your personal word. This is your authenticity.

Today, accept that you are creating a work of art by making big and little choices between playing it safe and risking. Is there something you’d like to do that’s new and different? Why not order an espresso at lunch, if you’ve never tried one? Visit the perfume counter and try on new scents? Stick a small bottle of balsamic vinegar in the shopping cart to drizzle over melon? Switch the dial on the radio station and listen to country and western instead of classical as you drive home?

Each time you experience the new, you become receptive to inspiration. Each time you try something different, you let the Universe know you are listening. Trust your instincts. Believe your yearnings are blessings. Respect your creative urges. If you are willing to step out in faith and take a leap in the dark. you will discover that your choices are as authentic as you are. What is more, you will discover that your life is all it was meant to be: a joyous sonnet of thanksgiving.”

But, Gentle Reader, here’s the rub. I am clutter-clearing because I plan to spend the next few years abroad and if I can’t take it with me, it can’t come. And I’m not paying for storage. So I popped onto Amazon and I’m delighted to discover that Louise Hay and Mary Hunt’s books are both now available on Kindle. Which means I can afford to release them into the wild. Would you like to own either of these books? If so, please DM me on Twitter with your snail mail address and I will post you a booky prezzie.

Now, to Simple Abundance. This isn’t available on Kindle so I’ve clicked the button to request that. Which means that, for now, I will have to find room for Sarah Ban Breathnach in my luggage and be warned, this is a Fat Book. But I think you’ll agree from that excerpt, co-incidentally today’s, that this is a a book of jam-packed with gems, a Desert Island Discs book. So I will simply have to take something else out of my luggage to make room for such a treasured item.  What would you discard?

I wonder how I would feel if I were the author, that this is the last book in the world that a reader owns? Wow!   Now there’s a goal.

What are your last three books in the world? Take your time.

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  1. Liz says:

    Judith in a way I envy you your clutter free life as I sit here looking at a pile of books just waiting to fall off the shelves ably assisted I might add by a large black cat. I’ve toyed with the idea of a kindle and freeing space in my life but I just can’t do it (yet). I’m truly not a lost cause I may well do it someday.

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