Good Fortune; 31 Days of Abundance, Day Seventeen

ShellsI enjoy an abundance of good fortune for which I am eternally grateful. This does not mean that into this life a little rain has not fallen. There have been frequent and enormous periods when it’s been very soggy indeed round here, and there have been some devastating droughts also.

But right now it feels like my life is opening up again and that I am stpping into one of those expansive phases. And that feels fortunate in a way I want to acknowledge out loud.

I suspect this has much to do with the sunny weather. I am also very happy right now with the abundance of offers which are coming my way. Good and interesting and helpful people, some of whom I know and some I don’t, are popping up in my life/inbox and inviting themselves over or offering to help.

  • Projects which have been stuck for way too long are starting to wiggle their toes in anticipation of movement.
  • Difficult people are moving on and easier ones are showing up.
  • People who love me have been incredibly supportive.
  • There have been many more opportunities to laugh, to get out of the house and have people over for the occasional al fresco lunch
  • My intentions for different parts of my business are coming to fruition.
  • Negotiations are going smoothly.
  • Meetings are loving.
  • People with solutions turn up and do their jobs efficiently and affordably in a delicious commercial exchange.
  • I am drawing to me the sort of client I love working with and for whom I can be most useful.
  • My clients are measuring improvement in their fortunes too, which is heart-warming and makes me even more proud of them than I was to begin with.
  • The sun is shining again and we do seem to be enjoying a British summer, which is lovely.
  • I have exciting plans, light at the end of my tunnel and something to look forward to.
  • I am winning.

Life hasn’t felt this good for a very long time and I am lucky and fortunate and abundant in every way. And grateful.

If you’d like to enjoy more abundance in your life and to be able to consider yourself fortunate, I do hope you’ll join my summer of love AbundanceFest2014.

What counts as good fortune in your own life? I hope you are counting your blessings and will comment and share some of your bounty with me and my readers.


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