Good News For Savers: Best Rates with Smaller Building Societies

Good news for savers. Moving your money just got easier. Now you can shift your savings without the hassle.

Have you heard of Governor? Me either until today. Just look at their really simple website which explains that all you have to do is open one account with them, and they will alert you to the best savings rates if you want to put your money on deposit for 1 year plus or three years or even four. And when you select one of their products with the smaller and lesser known building societies, you will not need to open up another account with that individual bank. This takes all the hassle out of moving your savings around to get the best savings rates. You can place your money and forget it and Governor will alert you when it’s time to do it again. Simples. Just the way we busy people like it.

Rates available today: 3.1% to 4.5% depending on how long you can afford to fix it. Far better than leaving it languishing at 0.1% which is what most of us do by default.

I thought this was a genius idea and I hope you agree?

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