Good News Masquerading As A Problem

Young Woman Standing with Arms Stretched OutYesterday I was chatting to one of my favourite clients and we were experiencing the same sort of thoughts about our working lives.

My client somewhat sheepishly revealed didn’t have any problems she wanted to discuss with me in her call and this was a first. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t driven by sorting out her problems and what was she to do with all this spare energy and time? What a wonderful “problem” to have! We were able to agree on that and have a little self-conscious laugh at ourselves and then we cut short our call and got on with our happy lives.

I had been having the same sorts of ideas. I had noticed the week before when I was on holiday that although I hadn’t had to find time to be with my clients, I had managed to do all my other daily tasks like emails, blogging and journaling. So this had left plenty of time for getting out and about, exploring the Cotswolds and having fun with my friend and meeting new people and lunching al fresco and walking in the sunshine. Just peachy. Counted my blessings then, counting them again now.

I came back from my holiday thinking something vaguely along the lines of “Well even if I put two to three hours of coaching a day, on average, back into that timetable, I should still have a couple of hours free each working day to get out and about in the sunshine in London too, rather than feeling I have to sit on my office chair and clock up eight hours a day”.

Both my client from yesterday and I were feeling slightly guilty about the possibility of so much pleasurable and slightly self-indulgent me time during our working week until we remembered that freedom and leisure and more time off is precisely why we became self-employed in the first place.

What other good news is showing up in your life as a “problem” and how can a quick (or slow) re-think enable you to see matters in a different light? Me? I’m off out today, liberated by this realisation. I’m free!

Your Biz Your Way

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