Good Bloody Question! Sam’s Club 100 Story

“In August 2013 I signed up for one of Judith’s Entrepreneur Of The Day calls. I answered her questions and spoke about my business for about 30 minutes. Then, after several minutes of insightful observations, I cried out “I’m a writer! I want to be a writer!”, to which she replied “Of course you are! So why are you arsing around with all the other stuff?!” Good bloody question! Within a month I was the newest member of Club 100 and I’m still a member today.

What I Get

In a nutshell, what I get is an experienced, creative, open, and honest sounding board. In my business, it’s just me so having someone to challenge whether this month’s new idea enhances or detracts from my business is really valuable. Each monthly call brings something of value as Judith brings her advice, insight, wisdom, and sense of fun. Some months bring huge breakthroughs, others a consolidation of what’s already working and some encouragement for the month ahead. To my mind, both kinds, as well as everything in between, are the true mark of a long-standing, successful coaching relationship.

Why I Stay

There are so many reasons why I continue to be a member of Club 100, but the long and short of it is that in Judith I have a coach and mentor who knows me very well. She knows my circumstances, my history, my ups and downs, and my business journey. She knows when to challenge me, when to call out my bullshit, and when to merely impart her knowledge and experience and leave me to figure it out.  All of which is invaluable.

What I Love

I love Judith’s approach, which is one of straight-talking couched with kindness. I like that she says it as she see’s it, but in such a way that I usually end up laughing about what can sometimes a difficult thing to hear. She’s also very encouraging, and she really cares. Her approach is very holistic, which for me, as a solopreneur for want of a better description, works really well. My business life affects and is affected by my life life so actually, it’s all just life, a view that Judith not only appreciates but actively encourages which in turn actually makes my life a lot easier!

If I had to make the decision to join Club 100 again, I would; and in fact, I make that decision every month, and I haven’t regretted it once in what is now a four and a half year coaching relationship.”

Sam Dounis,

Your Biz Your Way

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