Gordon Brown on Piers Morgan

I haven’t voted in a General Election since my team stopped winning in the Nineties. Nothing to be proud of.   And now I’m not interested in politics at all, either party. Note to self: I must remember to tell the local Liberal to stop wasting my time and his money by writing letters to me.

Then I gave up the television and the papers and stopped caring about the negativity that counts as “news” although still remaining dimly aware of anything vital and world-changing happening around the globe, often resorting to friends and the BBC website to find out the details.

Without wishing to sound too Victor Meldrew about it all, nothing in the political or news or media arenas has improved in that fifteen years – lies, corruption, sleeze, cheating and moral decline, none of which I care to turn my gaze upon.   I care about human beings becoming better people but that’s difficult to find in “the news”.   There are, obviously, notable exceptions.   Not many, but a few.

However, I am still interested in popular culture which is fast-changing, wide and infinitely varied.   Keeping my hand in enables me to communicate with my beloved niece and nephews, the next generation,  but also certain web-based culture genuinely does interest me, especially where it makes my life more interesting, creative or convenient.

It was hard to miss last week the fuss around Gordon Brown crying on Piers Morgan’s TV show.  I was in the car a lot, as opposed to working at home, and I hear more radio and thus more news when driving.

I like Piers. There, I’ve said it and one of my nephews will be on my case about it – again!   I like the BBC and ITV players as well as they enable me to watch what little I want when I want it so I took the opportunity last night to catch up with Gordon and Piers.

I really admire Sarah Brown and, like Michelle Obama, she Tweets.   But – as I was at pains to point out last week when co-hosting a workshop about the importance of social media marketing – Sarah does it really well because she does it herself whereas Mrs Obama is clearly too busy and it is done for her by her PR machine – badly.   What consitutes good and bad on Twitter?   For me, its authenticity and connection and Sarah Brown achieves that.

I also liked the speech she made at some other event I saw on iPlayer, some TV awards ceremony.   She is, for me, one of Gordon’s best weapons, perhaps THE best.

And whilst I would be truly appalled if the result of the UK General Election scheduled for 2010 were decided upon one politician’s appearance upon one popular ITV television programme, I thought Gordon and Sarah did really well.  

And Piers did his very best to bring out the real human being which is Gordon Brown, he made me like and respect him and he made me care about both of them and their mission, which is no mean feat.

Congratulations to all concerned for a job well done.

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