Gorgeous August

I was just meditating this morning on what a lucky girl I am. I took August off as ever and although I intended to do lots of things online including blogging and Twittering and sending out a newsletter, I haven’t done much of that in the end but I have done lots of other lovely things, extreme self-care, fun and all sorts. Forgive me if I share my abundance with you today on this our first day back “at school”!

You will notice a theme of workish type things towards the beginning of the month which then fall away as I got more and more relaxed into the time off.
I began by offering free Wealth Consultations and planned to do one per business day; did four and stopped publicising them but enjoyed the ones I did and it gave me a plan for the way I intend to work in future.

Enjoyed working with Marion and Sandra and Claire on lots of webby type work like getting Live Help on all my websites, and optimising them all for maximum blogging and Twittering impact. As yet, we have only concluded two sites and are working solidly through all the rest as I have decided I want to become one of those rare few who get paid, albeit indirectly, to write on the web. Finding lots of different ways to monetise sites prior to focussing on the writing, Twittering, etc. and really looking forward to that new chapter.

The other work-ish type activities included doing my own accounts and filing, clutter-clearing with Bianca in which I found £10,500 I had forgotten to invoice (!), and my tax return. Only yesterday, I finally got my new telephone headset to work before the beginning of term today; there’s nothing like a deadline for getting things done. The old one had been stuck up with sellotape and the new one has been awaiting installation for – oh, about three months perhaps?

Maybe one of the nicest things during August has been the time to catch up with real people – no fewer than two dinners with Marie Taylor, a trip to the Mayfly pub with Frank, two lunches with Bianca & Phil (and the blissful Perfect Blend passion cake), gotta love a man who rocks up with three portions of that under his arm. I made new friends – Mark Shaw Twitter expert who gave me a free hour of his time and Carey Mann with whom I exchanged an EFT session for some wealth creation advice.

I have continued to recruit to my sales teams – John and I met with Kim & Mike, Deryk came round for a cuppa in the garden to discuss, we put the Creative Entrepreneurs Club into mothballs pro tem in order to better focus on our more important projects, and Ben and I had a wonderful Rent2Own day out in Worthing making very valuable connections for our community. Eileen, Bianca and I went to supper at Ozer which was intended to be about booking the space for next year’s Money Gym Wealth Conference social, but it turned out to be the manager’s night off (their fault, not ours). Still, nevertheless, les girls had a cracking night out.

I am never so happy as when I am making work for other people and August was no exception. Since my family were coming over for their annual visit, there was lots of gardening, tidying inside and out, making good and painting which involved Lee, Nick, Jack and, of course, Mary Ann who did the catering for the party itself. I borrowed two gazebos for the party to ward off rain and sun and they were so successful I determined to buy one, whereupon the abundant friend who had lent them to me told me he had one spare and it would make him very happy if I would keep one. Ah, how kind.

I found Uncle Dominic via Gumtree and he turned out to be as Woo Woo as me; his new job is to help me with Mitsy as I travel on business a lot – and his first job was to help me get her to the vet’s last week for her jabs. Together we are looking for a luxury cattery for her for when I am away in December and the builders are in.

My friend Susie came to stay for the weekend from Manchester, Ben and I shared lunch in the Mediterranean corner of my garden near my olive tree on the day of the Twitter meltdown, I caught up with my friend Nigel at his new restaurant Terroir and Ben and Peter and I shared a whopping boozy lunch there on Friday just gone. Oh, and I had lunch with my friend Daphne, who writes crime novels.

Speaking of crime novels, I had a bumper reading month, the highlight of which was three Jackson Brodie whodunnits by Kate Atkinson alongside lots of films and DVDs and I think I might even have done another series of 24 at the beginning of the month, which is now rather a haze.

Extreme self-care included the dentist, a facial, aromatherapy and my usual monthly visit to the beauticians. Lots of very funny things happened during the month, laughter is an abiding memory alongside all the lunches and al fresco meals at home. The family visit turned out to be a particularly lovely day with the aforementioned Mary Ann providing a Feast from Africa, we needed Stuart’s gazebo because of the sun and it was a seven-hour idyll broken only by the need of my youngest nephew to catch the 7.10 train from Clapham Junction in time to be home for Tiger Woods’ teeing off in the US open. The Pimms, the laughter, the weather, the love, the nostalgia, the appreciation and the good friends sharing the day – bliss and the August highlight which set the tone for the second half of the month which has just been pure slacking off.

A fabulous consultation with Claire Raikes enabled me to get clear on my future direction, USP and personal branding about which more follows. And then helping Nicola with her Stoupa webinar which is a very exciting development in The Money Gym where you can Rent2Own your own dream holiday place in the Greek sun.

Increasingly as the last weekend wore on, despite a little bit of SADness during Sunday, I found happiness with the Bank Holiday Monday sunshine and a last al fresco supper in my new garden. All those suppers and lunches have to stop, of course, but they were fun while they lasted.

As I do the final bits of tidying up and preparation for three stonking months starting today, the thing I remember the most and still take lingering pleasure from is that gorgeous summer breeze which is still blowing through my window and my mind.

I end the month having decided to become even more Woo Woo and as I began this post – with gratitude. For all the joys and simple pleasures of a month off. At my place. With good food, good friends, family and strange to say even largely good weather. Thanks for the memories which will serve to see me through until December in the sun.

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