Gratitude & Intentions: Books, carpets, friendship and a seaside lunch

Three things I am grateful for tonight:

  1. The opportunity to re-connect with Angie & Angus after more than a decade
  2. Getting rid of a handful of books, beginning the outflow
  3. Oddly, receiving a new book – but should be able to recycle it by Friday!

Three things I intend to manifest:

  1. A wonderful day tomorrow, doing only one thing – travelling to St Leonards, Worthing & Littlehampton with a lovely friend/client to look at our properties down there, topped off by a reward lunch on the beach.
  2. A beautifully tidy garden by the time I return from the seaside run.
  3. An affordable quote for new carpets at my Nunhead BTL – they are measuring up tomorrow while I am on the road.

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  1. Judith – I just love the power of gratitude to help us get in the positive flow for manifesting what we want. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

    Natalie Hill

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