Growing Your Business: Podcast Ep 196

  • When’s a good time to be growing your business?
  • What might prompt that?
  • How will you create a reliable supportive team?
  • Are you a good manager?

Today’s focus of Own It! the Podcast is Should I Grow My Business and it is prompted by Nicola having thoughts along these lines herself.

We’ve both been there before, we’ve even done it together, and I doubt I will ever go there again but you never know.

Nicola is feeling the possibility that she might need to grow a small 2-person team to meet commitments to current and future clients and her sister Sarah is surprised at that. Me too, so we debate the pros and cons.

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This week I am in Luton housesitting for a friend and client. I talk about how it is making me think about putting together a kit which travels with me everywhere so I am never without what I consider to be life’s essentials. And I am happy to share with Nicola that Facebook has brought me a connection from a friend to the possibility of a six-month house sit in South London between November and April which might suit me down to the ground.

And Nicola’s brother Alex is visiting on a one-way ticket from Sydney, Oz, having recently been made redundant. Sister Sarah has a housesit with a car and she’s driving about the peninsula, presumably showing Alex around, and he has Berlin, Paris and UK in his sights too. All good. A change is as good as a rest, especially after redundancy. She’s also doing a lot of editing, helping out her local friend Arthur who has been interviewing a famous cricketer as part of his cricket on the beach fundraiser for Mani firefighters and equipment. And Write Club the Podcast is recorded and edited all the way up to the end of October.

In What’s Fuelled Your Fire, she tells me about two new clients, we talk about the improbably money tree we all hope to shake for instant money to manifest overnight when that (almost) never happens and I tell her about my clients who become forever friends and how I had been amazed to suddenly notice that one of my clients isn’t self-employed or a low carber, I am working with her to change and improve her job. Wow! And it is fascinating too. And yet no different except in context.

Our Words of the Week are Friendship (mine) and Guts (hers).

Project Updates include N talking about Jane and Peter, her vzine and her book while I don’t have much by way of updates except an observation that what it seemed to me this week clients needed from me most was emotional support. Love that, me. My favourite thing of all time. My natural gift in many respects.

And finally, Who or What’s Impressed? That cricket video editing I mention above had caused Nicola to research and find out more about England cricket pro Alex Tudor. And I tell her about Jana Bakunina who had an article published in the Financial Times about why she funds female business founders and what men (and women) say when she tells them that.

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